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Do I have MA in photography for daily flash 4 cash news???

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Wedesday it’s super cooper busy day in photo-editorial. I hope we will not change the cover, because that means hell for me. Imagine to look for the person with the person in certain gesture in our notorious photoarchive that contains more then 350.000 pictures and mostly they do not have a proper caption or keywords. That’s my heritage and my destiny to sort it out.

Today I covered a visit of our finance minister Andrej Bajuk in Mercator. It’s basically one of those flash for cash situation, although it did brought very strange twist later that day. When I started to cover this kind of daily news events thequestion was echoing my mind… Is it because of that I was studying all those years???

Well… now I can proudly say YES!

In the beginning it was really driving me insane, but quite soon I discoverd a way out. I was thinking OK… Either you can feel sorry how crappy pictures you have to take or you can do something about it. So I start to dig… I ask myself what do you see? I see politicians I see photographers jumping around, PR persons directing press to behave as obedient herd. Next question was what I don’t see? Hm…. Tough one. Tough questions have tendencies for sorting by itself. So one day I shot a picture from a difficult angle and on a picture a flower was covering half of politicians face. FANTASTIC! In all this circus nobody notice FLOWER BUQUETS!!! As a rebelious teenager I realize my time has come to settle the score with all those PR people who are stuffing me and my collegues in a herd, feeding me with what they want to be seen.

I decided to start a personal war entitled FLOWER POWER and here are few pictures, that are already pointing that this mutiny is leading to a better happier and brighter future. This time it’s personal! The title of pictures will be a name of a flower in latin. For all you who don’t know Slovenian public figures I’ll make an exception and write what is the PR event.

president Drnovšek
A buquet Pinkalis Rosis (with President of Slovenia Janez Drnovšek)

Alijev during the speach
A buquet of pincaris pastoralis with trakomalis and somethingalis (with speach of President of Azerbajdjan Ilhan Alijev at Strategic forum BLED 2006)

Benita Ferrero-Waldner and Dimitrij Rupel
A buquet of Lovelis Rosis-Orangelis (joining also Benita Ferrero-Waldner and Minister of foreign affairs Dimitrij Rupel)

Miss Slovenia Iris Mulej
A tree Smallis Treesis (with Miss of Slovenia Iris Mulej at far right)

bajuk in Debeljak v Mercatorju
A vase with Plantus Largis Leavesis (Finance Minister Andrej Bajuk is greated by a hand of director of Mercator Žiga Debeljak)

Franci Slak in Debeljak
Branchysis Spheris Treeisis (Franci Slak, a member of NSI party and Žiga Debeljak a director of Mercator)

Last picture I don’t fancy too much, but that is the picture that I’ve mentioned at the start. I received strange call from somebody who’s name will remain anonymus and he/she ask me not to publish a picture of Franci Slak in Mercator. I don’t know if it’s a problem of Franci Slak being together with Žiga Debeljak
Slak & Debeljak

or being together with Andrej Bajuk and Žiga Debeljak?
Bajuk, Debeljak & Slak

The worst thing is that I don’t know who the bleep is Franci Slak or what have he done that he’s not popular in Mercator. I guess I’ll find out soon. As I said I’m interested by this blog phenomena and lets see how long it will take to be asked why have I publish the picture? BYTW today 298 people visited my blog. Thank you guys!

Written by Borut Peterlin

21 September, 2006 at 00:01

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