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Fight for Man’s emarzipanation!!!

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Godfather said that bloggers are much more interesting then Iris Mulej. What a compliment! He also loved the post “Is life perfect” where I’m describing a fight with my wife. He just had a fight with his wife and as he said It’s good to know he’s not alone. No Godfather, you’re not alone! Here are few pictures, that are hilarious, especially with a week of time distance.

chocolade cake 3 chocolade cake 1

My wife took those images, while I left the flat. It is my work I must admit, but by some strange coincidence she forgot to photograph my computer, my precious DVD arhive and my Apple “work of art” monitor, from where I picked up the cake and spread it on the kitchen locker. No need to explain how the cake found it’s way on my computer, right?

I love my wife and my family, I just don’t like chocolate cake on my computer. Is that a problem? Godfather I guess we will need to keep the fight for man’s emarzipanation!

PS: My dear friend JC from Brooklyn asked me how did chocolate cake got on my computer. It was delivered with a great deal of kinetic power by my beloved wife.

Written by Borut Peterlin

23 September, 2006 at 19:16

Posted in Family

5 Responses

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  1. Dragi mož!

    Sploh me nisi vprašal ali lahko objaviš fotografije, katerih avtor sem jaz! Res, da si to packarijo naredil ti a slikala sem jaz. Pa PUCALA tudi!

    Prosim, če jih snameš.

    Sicer bodo sledile sankcije…….


    28 September, 2006 at 18:39

  2. Draga ženička!

    Tista packarija, ki sem jo naredil je bil pravzaprav postmodernistični performans in je popolnoma nezaslišano, da si ga fotografirala brez mojega dovolenja! Moralne in materialne pravice nad delom so bile moje in da sploh ne omenjam škodo, ki si jo storila s čiščenjem! Seveda bi snel fotografije, če bi fotografirala svoj posmodernistični performans na mojem računalu in DVDjih in monitorju in kablih in… sedaj pa si ti prva, ki je kršila moje avtorske pravice in jih potem še eliminirala.

    Ljubim te takšno kot si,

    PS: Se že veselim sankcij!


    29 September, 2006 at 23:27

  3. […] What I want to say, is thank you! I appreciate you are following my blog, but that gives me a responsibility to take care of what I publish. I’ve started this blog in 2006 and posted 1037 posts, so believe me there are some doggy topics (like that post Fight for Man’s emarzipation). […]

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