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New pictures of Laibach in new issue of Mladina

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In this issue of Mladina we’ll publish an interview with Laibach  and yesterday I’ve received new pictures of Laibach, that will be first time presented publicly. Too bad I can not and will not publish pictures or even a reproduction of Mladina magazine in my blog, but I can tell you I was not impressed. Their new pictures are digital photo-montages, that are actually computer graphics. I don’t understand why Laibach are doing photo-montages, while they could have shot pictures in a conventional way with practically unlimited budget. And as I was told Laibach are perfectionistic maniacs who until recently all their visual projections during the concerts was projected on the screen by analogue projector. Can you imagine those real heavy duty projectors?

If all the elements that are montaged together (a hall, fire, wolf, horses, dark sky, flag, members of Laibach, etc.) would be shot conventionally it would look much better. All those elements would involve aesthetic of kitsch as it is used in a very cunning way by their friends, painter group Irwin

But let us be constructive and I’m imagining I’m doing a shoot. Hall is good. It looks very good, but it should be shot in a burned church like it is this one and on the wall it should be a Laibach cross. Wolfs are great, but real wolf or Czechoslovakian wolfdog would look much better on the picture.

I have a scene in my mind of a Christmass scenography. You know, open fire, horns of a deer (which was often used by Irwin), a hounting grandmothers clock on a wall and Laibach members standing beside a fire place, other guy sitting on a sofa, petting a wolf. The guy who would stand beside an open fire place should have a hand in bandage. A picture should reflect a mixture of grim feeling waiting for Christmas’s and Tito’s reading pictures. To shift the whole thing, on a picture should prevail color shift in brown color as it is used in this new Laibach pictures.

 tito-portret-detoni2.jpg titobere2.jpg titobere.jpg tito-portret-lucic.jpg

Anyhow it is pretty worthless to criticize pictures that you can not see and lead a monologue, but I know that I will surely not write about those images on Saturday and it’s fun to do mental exercise – taking pictures. Nonetheless I think that concepts of images are good, colors are fantastic and aesthetic is getting there, but not just quite. Probably because of my prejudice against computer animation and digital photoshoping. Please look at the pictures on Saturday’s Mladina issue and leave a comment how do you like those pictures.

Written by Borut Peterlin

5 October, 2006 at 00:21

Posted in Art

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