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Portraiting for Mladina’s Striptiz rubric

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Portraiting for Mladina’s Striptiz rubric

In Mladina weekly there is a rubric Striptiz, where I do a portrait and person being portraited write a text about him / her self. We choose emerging artists or people who are involved in interesting projects. So my concept is that in a portrait I include everything that it would involve in a conventional portrait, but I ravish the idea into different context. Mathematically speaking, I maintain the shape of a curve, but the starting point of system of coordinates I move into a different context.

taxi aleksi Taxi Alaksi project of french artist

Emil Hrvatin Emil Hrvatin – thater director

Simon Zizek 2 Simon Žižek, a sound engineer in contemporary theater Anton Podbevšek Teater in Novo mesto / Slovenia

maja lapajne striptiz Maja Lapajne, art director of Drive-in Cinema

Cunjak books Dušan Cunjak, owner of six secondhand bookstores

_mg_8578bp.jpg Borut Krajnc, author of photography in a book Route 66

Photographed for Mladina, rubric Striptiz Pieta Ravnikar, art director of BalkanArt Festival

Boris Fras Boris Fras, ecological farmer and activist

Marko Tratar Marko Tratar, chess player

Samo Rugelj Samo Rugelj, publisher of free of charge magazine

DJ Tsunami DJ Tsunami, drumb & bass DJ

Nejc Gazvoda Nejc Gazvoda, probably the best young contemporary writer in Slovenia

Melita Zajc Melita Zajc, researcher of visual communications

Marijan Dović Marijan Dović, art director of Jazzinty festival

Andrej Štritof in Van Jemeršič Producer Andrej Štritof and director Ven Jemeršič

Iztok Hotko Iztok Hotko, art director of Gallery Simulaker

d146_8500_bpeterlin.jpg Bostjan Pucelj, photographer sitting on his instalation of trolleys – a photographic exhibition that was banned.



  1. ivan Said:

    on September 17, 2006 at 9:09 pm · Edit

    Zelo kul. Moji favoriti: Krajnc, Rugelj, Dovič in Pucelj. )

    BTW, a je mimoidoči na Štritofu in Jemeršiču zapoziran?

  2. borutpeterlin Said:

    on September 17, 2006 at 10:40 pm · Edit

    Odgovor je DA! Kolego Mitjo Lična sem poprosil, da je odigral pešca. Fotografijaje bila tako statična, da sem moral nekaj najti, da razbijem in razdelim gledalčevo pozornost.

    Koncept serije je, da fotograf inscenira fotografijo in zastavil sem si, da ilustriram človeka, kot bi bilo na prvo žogo (Pucelj ob vozičkih, kustos v galeriji, založnik ob časopisih, …), le da izhodiščni sistem malo zamaknem. Kustos je zakopan, vozički izgledajo … mistično, založnik je na smetišču časopisov, …

    Pri tej seriji imam problem, ker v to rubriko sodijo tudi neuveljavljene glasbene skupine. Njih enostavno ne morem postaviti v drugo vlogo, saj jih praviloma nihče ne pozna, zatorej, če bi se pojavili v narodni noši, bi vsi mislili, da so narodnozabavni band in nihče ne bi pokapiral zakaj.
    Hvala za komentar!

  3. Drive – Photography « Dancing Photography – Borut Peterlin Said:

    on October 27, 2006 at 12:07 am · Edit

    […] Yesterday was a good example. I was working whole day and I was tired as a dog, but anyway I went to Škuc, to see Reginee Debatty as she is really famous blogger with her site We make money not art. I had to do a portrait of her and I was super sceptical. How can I do interesting sort of Striptiz like picture in this situation. I’m not Jesus to wake on water or to do miraculous pictures on demand. I thought it’s almost imposible, since I’m exhausted and also Reginee has her obligation and could not take 15 min for my portrait. Not to mention I have absolutly no idea how should I photograph her. My banzai attitude was wasted entirely on shooting of Striptiz at the airport, so I said to senior editor OK I will do it, but expect that tomorrow Matjaž Tančič will have to reshoot the image. […]

  4. Dancing Photography – Borut Peterlin » Roma story published in Mladina Said:

    on November 12, 2006 at 2:09 pm · Edit

    […] I have in mind to answer the question how am I choosing when I’m photographing in color or BW. It’s my personal drama. But here is my latest portrait for Striptiz rubric. […]

  5. Dancing Photography – Borut Peterlin » Another fierce protest agaist Roma Said:

    on November 14, 2006 at 3:30 am · Edit

    […] Not to finish so bloody depressing I’ll upload some new portraits for Mladina’s Striptiz rubric. […]

  6. Dancing Photography – Borut Peterlin » New Striptiz portrait Said:

    on December 20, 2006 at 12:44 am · Edit

    […] Striptiz is a rubric in Mladina weekly where I make “creative” portraits. For this issue I was briefed to do a portrait of Viljenka Jakac Bizjak, a director of Library of Oton Župančič. As it happen so many times before I was shocked. How can I do inovative portrait of an established person whom I do not know and opportunity for the picture would be opening of new librarys spaces. […]


Written by Borut Peterlin

8 November, 2006 at 15:59

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  1. […] Our baby wasn’t born yet, although contraction are already appearing, but we think the birth will happen either on Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. Today I’ve made a new portrait for Mladina’s Striptiz rubric. I was planning to make a “Striptiz” portrait of a writer and editor of Goga Publishig house Damijan Šinigoj for a very long time and since I’m huge fan of his rubric Park extreme in Park magazine I suggested a photo-session. He agreed and I cycled today to his place to see this wonder of a “car” that he have bought recently. […]

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