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Villagers are still on barricades

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This morning on my way to Ljubljana I stopped in Stranska vas and checked if barricade is still guarded. The road is not blocked as it was yesterday, but people are ready to block it anytime. Police does nothing to stop this village guards as it’s evident from the picture. This kind of village guards were happening during second world war.

Police and village guard on barricade Police patrol stopped and had a short chat with people and when they saw me photographing they moved on. After that people approached me and asking me to identify myself and for who do I work. I said I’m Slovenian and I’m working for Mladina.


Man on the picture threaten me very clearly that I should proclaim on which side I am or they’ll brake my camera! I knew that he would not dare especially because police was still on our eyesight. Then he added that I should not dare to photograph all those empty bottles that were lying all around. I didn’t, because all I wanted is a picture of police patrol having a chat on the barricade. This will be important picture because I believe Strojan family will eventually have to return to their property in Ambrus. Villagers think they have a right to ban them and their action is what they believe it’s democracy. And for now their action is super effective! Police don’t do anything and because of that mob selfconfidence is growing. Eventually police will have to reestablish law and order with force and that means Minister of internal affairs Mate will have to resign. I think that’s clear to everybody by now and that’s the reason why police is tolerating this completly illegal barricades and other action of racial intolerace.


Written by Borut Peterlin

16 November, 2006 at 00:02

Posted in Photojournalism

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