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Strojan family are still refugees

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_mg_5326_borut_peterlin.jpg Yesterday there was a news that Strojan family is surveying a place to stay in municipality Ig, very near Ljubljana. Again barricades were set and people were all upset. Similar reaction in town Želimlje / municipiality Ivančna Gorica happen this morning when Delo daily newspaper published false information where a new location might be for Strojan.

What really surrprised me this morning by a news on STA press agency and Delo that LDS party adressed open letter to Prime Minister Janša refering to his statement in parliament that newspaper articles published abroad were written by slovenian journalists and therefore they were written one-sided. He was refering to an article in New York Times “Hounding of Contradicts Slovenia’s Image” by Nicholas Wood.

What a nonsence! I guess because I’m quoted in the article! Everybody is saying how horrible were Strojan’s but nobody dare to write that some people from the crowd were yelling Kill the gypsies like this man and I heard at least three times Gypsies RAUS and that a gunshot was fired from the forest when people were returning to Ambrus. Police don’t want to confirm or deny that a shot was fired. Although when the shot was fired I saw police became very nervous and alert. Luckily was just a warning shot in the forest. I guess they would not react like that on the sound of the firecracker.

Anyhow I’m affraid that my consern toward what will start to happen in Novo mesto is just. Yesterday Silvo Mesojedec (at right side) and his organization Regional Civil Iniciative for Solving Roma Problematic expressed disagreement with draft of law that covers Roma Issue. He also said that if their corrections on the draft ofthe law will not be taken into consern they will organize protests. Also newly elected mayor of Novo mesto Alojz Muhič is in this organization, but I have an impression he enjoys the trust of Roma minority and majority population and if who, he has the guts and sense to demand a compromise from both sides.


Written by Borut Peterlin

22 November, 2006 at 22:58

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  1. Maybe you should first learn how to spell the english words correctly before trying to tell the world what is happening in Slovenia.


    25 November, 2006 at 09:23

  2. Everybody is saying how horrible were Strojan’s but nobody dare to write that some people from the crowd were yelling Kill the gypsies

    Why dont you dont write how many peoples where killed, raped and robbed in this city in last 10 years from Strojans side. You have police reports but no one was in jale. Only local peoples which defend ther homes from that gipsys. And that is the reason noone like them beacuse they are afraid. Is this so hard to write and tell the truth?????


    26 November, 2006 at 10:26

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