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Few pictures from Grčarice

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_mg_6565_borut_peterlin.jpg Today I visited Grčarice, the place where village guard stopped six convoys of Special Police Force and inspect them if they are driving Strojan Roma family to Gotenica police secured area.

_mg_6495_borut_peterlin.jpg Do you recognize the truck on the picture? It’s the same truck from the POP TV news report. The truck that was stopped yesterday and inspected if Strojan Roma family is transporting in the back of the truck. Well this time truck was driving quite fast and nobody was trying to stop him, but they did wave at him in friendy gesture.

_mg_6558_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_6474_borut_peterlin.jpg I love the flags! It’s so poetic and heroic!

_mg_6506_borut_peterlin.jpg This is the Mačkova Vila, where supposedly Strojan Family agreed to be settled in for next three months. This is unbelivable! Let me tell you something about this place. Gotenica used to be closed area for army. It was a training ground for special police force and other special army units after second world war. It’s really far from civilisation and it’s not a place to live and raise your children. Apparently during Yugoslavia Gotenica was one of few secret places where biological weapon anthrax was kept. Locals laughed at me when I was a bit sceptical to that information. Who knows…


Written by Borut Peterlin

1 December, 2006 at 01:02

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  1. Nice, flags are a joke. It seems people can’t even fly flags properly.

    It violates the Slovenian law: “Zakon o grbu, zastav in himni Republike Slovenije ter o slovenski narodni zastavi” (more precisely 16th paragraph). I even see two policemen there and it doesn’t seem like they did anything about people breaking the law.


    2 December, 2006 at 03:45



    2 December, 2006 at 20:51

  3. Dear Zolja, why is that? Why do you think so?

    I believe that we should adopt our writings and sayings to target audience to minimize the chance things are lost during the communication.

    While Slovenian is my first language English is the one I use on a daily basis at work and at home.

    I believe that language is not what makes us Slovenian. Further more, it is not really important what nationality certain person is as we should not judge people based on what language they speak, what nationality they are, what gender, what is their color of the skin or what is their social status. Each individual should be judged solely based on their merits. I could care less if Roma people don’t speak Slovene, they can still be fully fledged Slovenian citizens. Language is not what makes the person being a citizen of a particular country, neither does ones origin. Something that most Slovenes should learn out of this.

    As far as singing in English is concerned. Who cares. The only important thing is the result. Does singing in English make them more likely to succeed? If so I am all for it. The more likely various entertainers and artists are to succeed on the international scale, the less likely is that Slovenian taxpayers will have to pay for them via different subsidies.

    I firmly believe that most of the people should pay they own social security, taxes, full medical insurance, child care etc. There should be no subsidy on things like child care, medical insurance as it is now in Slovenia. Those who can’t afford to pay for child care and medical insurance fully should receive welfare to help them out instead of partial social transfers all over the place.


    3 December, 2006 at 14:18

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