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Regarding the pain of others

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_mg_7515_borut_peterlin.jpg Before I went to work I stopped at my parents house to take my dog for a walk. Horrified I noticed that neighbors dog Dino drowned in our pool. He was really old, about 15 years and almost completely deaf and blind.

Shocked, I instinctively start to take pictures. I remembered Sontags words from book On Photography, when a tourist (photographer) is faced with unfamiliar circumstance, he / she has a familiar routine – taking pictures. So I took quite few pictures and kept on wondering what on earth am I doing…

Is this disrespectful? Would I also photograph if somebody from my family would drown? Would I photograph if somebody fameous (Princess Dianna) would drown? I still hear complaints from editorial that none of our photographers took a picture when president Drnovšek fainted. Not to mention reproaches conserning media coverage of Strojan Roma refugee family. Hm…

On other hand I am comepletely amazed with Life that whenever I have important question in my mind, by coincidence an answer comes along. So few days ago, when I was fixing a bookshelf, I found a book Regarding the pain of others by Susan Sontag. Hm, I wondered, when have I bought it? I guess it was in one of those Amazon shipments. So I prepared the book to read it and just after dinner I saw that on TV show Knjiga mene briga they are talking about the book, that was just published in Slovenian language!

Thank you Susan, Tina, Tomo, Jure, RTV and of course LIFE!


Written by Borut Peterlin

8 December, 2006 at 10:01

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2 Responses

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  1. Poor dog.

    It looks like he drawned because he couldn’t climb out of the pool and after swimming for hours hypothermia set in and he drowned.

    Covered pool or having water up to the edge would help the dog. However not having pool covered is dangerous not just for animals, but for kids that might get in.


    8 December, 2006 at 18:07

  2. I feel sorry for the dog too, but he was so old, I believe he couldn’t swim for more then a minute. I agree conserning the pool. The easiest would be that there would be no water inside, but it has to be otherwise water from bellow ruins bottom of the pool. For the beginning I’ll buy big floating pane as an island on which animal can creep on.


    9 December, 2006 at 16:08

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