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Festival Fotopub 2007 is allready skyrocketing!

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715125.jpg Lokalpatriots first great victory! First issue of Park magazine in year 1998.

535227.jpg Marko Zajc, director of Localpatriot in the club year 1999. 912111.jpg

From left Marijan Dović, Jurij Kocuvan, Tito, Borut Peterlin, Tomaž Grdin at Magdalena festival in Maribor, year 1999, where Park magazine was nominated for an award.

d100_3540bw.jpg Director of Lokalpatriot Marko Zajc. d139_8721.jpg raw00149_borut_peterlin.jpgLokalpatrots as fatcats in year 2006.

Great news! Ministry of Culture gave a grant Lokalpatriot as an organizer of Fotopub and Jazzinty festivals a financial support of 13,5 million SIT (56.250 EUR) which will be donated in the period over next three years for both festivals! Rock and Roll! After seven years of spilling our guts for a vision of culture on the highest level in our small town of Novo mesto, we have finnaly received a support from Ministry of Culture! I mean we’ve received it also years before, but just as donation for single event. Now we have been recognized as a serious partner adn we can plan in advance.

Immediatly after our lunch I’ve wrote down skeleton of a program Fotopub 2007! Marko Zajc gave good summ up what needs to be done in following years and the most important goal for Fotopub is to get a recognition as a regional festival from former YU and other neighboring countries.

Giant leap on our programme is that we’ll do a masterclass, but it will be a closed circle. We’l invite only ten skilled documentary photographers and photojournalists to come and work with us and prepare an exhibition. I have in mind five people from former Yugoslavia republics and a person from Kosovo plus we’ll invite also four people from Slovenia. Mentor for masterclass will be former Magnum photographer and tutor at London College of Communication Paul Lowe. For people invited to the masterclass it will be free of charge with only obligation to create a body of work on a joint theme “My globalised backyard”, of which we’ll produce an exhibit and that copy of a print will be owned by Fotopub. If you’re interested to enter Fotopub 2007 masterclass, leave a comment or send an email to and we’ll notify you what you need to do. It will also have basic and advanced level with usual workshop terms like participation fee and so on.

I hope this time I will succeed to bring Francesco Zizola to Fotopub Festival of Docummentary Photography. It will skyrocket believe me!



Written by Borut Peterlin

11 December, 2006 at 23:17

Posted in Photojournalism

16 Responses

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  1. Novomeški festival Fotopub spremljam že nekaj let, čeprav le prek interneta. Nenazadnje nisem fotograf, rad pa napasem oči in misli ob dobrih fotografijah.

    Ob branju tvojega posta se mi je urnila misel. Res je, da Slovenija težko konkurira mega festivalom kot je npr. Edinburški, ima pa vsaka slovenska vasica ali mesto čudovito priložnost, da ustvarja manjše, bolj specializirane festivale, dogodke, srečanja itd. Photopub je lep primer tega, kako vrhunsko dokumentarno fotografijo pripeljat v mesto, ki ga pozna morda le en promil evropejcev. Če država ne bi čakala 7 let, bi bil danes morda že odstotek. V imenu spoštovalcev fotografske umetnosti lahko rečem le: hvala za vztrajnost in veliko uspeha še naprej.


    12 December, 2006 at 12:11

  2. It seems taxpayers are paying another form of art that is not good enough to support itself or interesting enough to be supported by private investors.

    Nothing new to Slovenia where most people have the goal of their life to somehow receive funds from the taxpayers. Either work for the government in one of its forms or get donations from it. Sportmen, artists, writers, beaurocrats, scientists, inventors, and many others.

    Really successful people on a world scale are not those who get the most of taxpayers money, but those who earn their own upkeep and able to convince private investors that what they do is worth while spending individuals money. The best work of individuals is sold and is able to support those mentioned individuals. If your work doesn’t support you and your family, perhaps you are just not good enough (despite a box full of awards you’ve received) in what you do and you should consider doing something else that will support you and your family.


    12 December, 2006 at 13:47

  3. Since it’s their 7th year already, I think Fotopub definately made it’s way also in the private sector or investors. The main problem in events like this is that it takes a lot of sweat, energy and years to make it profitable … And many of organizers lose their enthusiasm working for that moment.


    12 December, 2006 at 18:01

  4. Tomaz, what percentage of the money for Fotopub comes from private investors? 50% or more? Let’s face it, if you can’t make more then 50% of your money from people who pay from their own money, you can’t consider yourself successful as it is obvious that you are not good enough to generate interest from private investors.

    7 years of spending taxpayers money is not a great deal. 7 years of running a profitable business model is a big deal. The amount comes down to little over $11k per festival per year. Which shouldn’t be out of reach for private money or to finance itself from sell of the art displayed.

    Grant money should be used as a seed money to finance the event, but receive enough art from the artists to cover the cost and sell it to the public. This way they keep the funds for next year etc.


    12 December, 2006 at 19:34

  5. Hm. Iztok what kind of world do you have in mind? If a pregnant women should pay for her abortion because she was (or better her partner) was not careful as you said in a recent comment, then also people who smokes, eat fast food, drink alcohol, drive fast, living stressful life are responsible for their medical treatment, …. Then which taxpayer is legimate for a free medical treatment? On the end of the day you can argue it was theirs / ours choise to lead a life that had certain medical consequences? I guess only victims of natural catastrophies are legitimate.

    And if you argue that “best work of individuals is sold” that is far from truth. It’s like you would say best written texts are those who are read by most readers. Or the best newspapers are those who have highest number of copies sold. If you look very superficially at art history you will notice that best work was widely recognized only years after artists death.

    If you think that Venice Bienalle as one of the most important art event in the world is runned without any grants or donations you are very much mistaken.

    To view world only through profit and salles numbers it’s very primitive perspective. Especially conserning that 1% of world population owns 40 % of world wealth and 50% of population owns 1% of world wealth. Yourself and myself we were lucky to be born on this side of the planet.
    On the end of the day, the grant it’s about 25% of all sources needed for three year program of two internetional festivals and we will need to sold a lot of art to cover all the costs.



    12 December, 2006 at 20:32

  6. Can’t wait!!!!!!


    13 December, 2006 at 03:45

  7. Borut, yes I do not consider termination of pregnancy an issue that needs to be covered by basic insurance unless the health of the woman is endangered or the result of a rape or other issues (genetic issues with fetus etc.). I am not arguing that women don’t have right to termination, but right doesn’t constitute others to pay for it automatically. I do have right to free movement, does this mean I should get money from the taxpayers to fly somewhere? I don’t think so.

    The best work you refer to were almost in 99% of the cases not result of the taxpayers money. In most cases taxpayers paid “artists” never achieved the art level you mention. I would be more then happy if you would show me few cases where artists achieved their famous level after their death and they got grants from the government during their lifetime.

    If you look at the Biennale mentioned they are actually getting funds from private investors and are actively hunting them. That is what is my suggestion to your Fotopub. Use existing grants money to get base funds to jump forward and try to gather enough critical mass in arts to recover the funds so you can stretch it beyond 3 years of grants money.

    What is wrong with 1% of people owning 40% of the world wealth? I can say that by yearly income I am in top 10% of the worlds population. I can say I worked hard to get here to be able to support me and my family and to be able to be in position to extend my family through adoption of kids that need a family. Let’s face it, the person who helped the most people in the world to get better is also the wealthiest person on the planet.


    14 December, 2006 at 00:14

  8. I guess I was not understood. But I’ll ask questions and you’ll find answers. Lets say that women got pregnant just beacuse she (and her partner) was not careful enough. You argue that because she knew that she might get pregnant, she have to pay for an abortion.

    Let me ask you: We all know what convetional medicine says about healty food. Most of the (western) people discard those warning and holesterol is killer number one, followed by an alcohol. So if people knows what are the consequences of unhealty diet, are they still legitimate for free medical treatment? Are people in USA that suffers for obesity legitimate for free medical treatment?

    Why a women that got pregnent in action of few minutes should pay for her abortion and millions of people that are eating fast food, drinking alcohol for years and suffer from medical condition of their bad habit are legitimate for free medical treatment? Do you see any sense in it?

    Conserning goverment funding of art. Let’s ask our selfes why taxpayer do pay their taxes? Obviously to fund certain activities that are in general interests of taxpayers. Army, police, health service is the most obvious things that should be funded entirely from taxpayers money. From those branches we all have direct benefit, but there are also branches that a nation has indirect benefit. Among other branches sport and culture is certanly promoting nation and it’s culture. So it’s in taxpayers interest to subsidy project or activities that might promote nation or even values (ideology, economy, identity,..) that a nation believes in.

    Laibach music group are certainly the most successfull (active) artists in Slovenia and it’s in Slovenia’s direct interest to partially subsidy their activity. Another example. Jackson Pollock and art movement American Abstract Expressionism was recignized by CIA as a good way to promote USA values in the world.
    So the CIA financed and organized the promotion of American abstract expressionists via the Congress for Cultural Freedom from 1950–67.

    What’s wrong with 1% of world population owning 40% of the world wealth? Nothing if there would be equal oportunities for everybody. But if you think that a child born in Africa (or India, or Palestina or Roma in Slovenia) to illiterate parents who are struggling for bare survival have the same oportunities as yourself or your kids, let me tell you that you are so WRONG!

    Those people work much harder then me or you, but they are struggling for basic existentional needs. I guess just because they were born to parents that didn’t (couldn’t) teach (offer) them the value of the education they should be condemed to that 50% of world population that owns 1% of world wealth.

    I guess it’s hard to help the world if your life is threaten and you feel hunger.

    In Slovenia we have a pronoun: A well fed person have a problem to belive a hungy person.



    17 December, 2006 at 12:54

  9. Damn true. Sadly …


    4 January, 2007 at 16:52

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    20 March, 2007 at 12:20

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    24 August, 2007 at 17:38

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    I am sorry if it to you not interestingly.


    15 September, 2007 at 17:58

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