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Lučka first dance performance

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Of course although I told to everybody in the editorial I need to leave my office at 16.00 I received tons of work at 15.55 and I left the place at 16.20, left a lot of stuff undone, driving as fast as car would go. I was being late for my daugters dance performace!!! They were also late and I came just for the beginning of the show.

Still full of adrenaline from that truck, I couldn’t wait to see my daughter on the stage. My wife was even more tense. When they came to stage… I can’t tell you how was is it. Mixed feelings of she being out-there all alone helpless on the stage of the world… I know it sounds pathetic and it was pathetic although feelings were comepletly unknown and sooo real! Being a parent it’s the best!


Written by Borut Peterlin

19 December, 2006 at 21:34

Posted in Family

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