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Whole family Strojan returns to Ambrus just for few hours

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_mg_8931_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_8950_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_8963_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_8992_borut_peterlin.jpgToday whole family Strojan returned to Ambrus. Weeks before they were banned to move outside of Postojna and as they claim when they tried to leave Postojna, police stopped them and demand that their children had to stay in Postojna. This time should be different because a famous lawyer Čeferin who is newly representing Strojan family recieved an assurance from police that Strojan family can freely move and police is not restricting them.

_mg_8968_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_8976_borut_peterlin.jpg _mg_9038_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_9006_borut_peterlin.jpgTheir trip was stopped already few kilometers outside of Postojna, where a police officer checked their papers and permits to drive. In one car there were too many children, so police officer didn’t allow them to continue. We took father and his 4 year old daughter Jasmina to our Mladina car and Strojan were allowed to continue for Ambrus. We were traveling on local roads through vineyards and forest and suddenly we were just 500 m away from Strojan Roma settlement, but there was another another check point. _mg_9016_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_9026_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_9059_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_9065_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_9062_borut_peterlin.jpgAt the beginning everything was very calm, police checking papers and cars, but then gradmother Elka came with two of her sons and they all started to yell very loudly “Why they do not let them pass?”. For a moment it looked like Elka had a nervous breakdown and boys will attack police officers. Police allowed them to continue. When they arrived they were so happy, especially grandmother who’s wish came true that whole family is reunited again and childrens were really happy that they meet again, hugging each other and play children games. _mg_9199_borut_peterlin.jpgraw00172_borut_peterlin.jpgraw00235_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_9264_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_9224_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_9209_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_9187_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_9242_borut_peterlin.jpg

After 20 min whole family realized the situation that they have no roof to spend this prechristmass december night and soon everybody got depressed. Especially the head of the family Mirko in whos eyes were tears. On the end he decided that children can not stay outside over night and that they will leave back to Postojna refugee center. On Strojan family hangs a real threat that if they will not go to refugee center and they would stay in Ambrus while their children living in tents would be exposed to freezing cold, their children might be taken away by social service under legal act that parents can not provide appropriate living conditions for their children. On blog you can see when a social worker explain grandmother that if Jasna will not go to the flat they will provide “that will mean that she can not take care of her children.”

Meanwhile Minister for Environment and Spacial planning Janez Podobnik claims that the decision to torn down the house was not a political decision at all and was carry out by inspections autonomously. Just to rap up if his words with facts. A decree that house must be torn down was issued in 1996. Ten years later, just before Christmass, inspection decided to torn down the house completly autonomously regardless huge pressure that was caused by local majority. In Slovenia a lot of illegaly buid houses was torn down, but usually those objects were summer-houses or second houses. By my information, that is the first case that an inspection torn down the house that was only resident house of someone. I know that legally that shouldn’t make a difference, but personally it makes whole lot of difference.



Written by Borut Peterlin

22 December, 2006 at 23:15

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  1. Tista zadnja je zame fotografija leta. Odlično, Borut.

    Božič se v angleščini piše samo z enim “s”.



    23 December, 2006 at 17:33

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