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Final selection for World Press Photo

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I’ve been working hard these days on a final selection for picture contests. Here are my favorite twelve pictures.
d164_7978-horda_borut_peterlin.jpgProtest of local villagers against Strojan Roma family. On the picture local people are coming from village Ambrus to Roma settlement to protest and demand that whole family should move away from their property. Ambrus, Slovenia, Saturday, 28.10.2006

d163_7743-pricakujejo-sosede_borut_peterlin.jpgStrojan Roma family, sitting in front of their house, waiting for their neighbors – local villagers to come and protest in front of their house and demand that whole family should move away. Ambrus, Slovenia, Saturday, 28.10.2006.

d163_7819_2_borut_peterlin.jpgAfter Strojan’s return to their property near Ambrus village, Strojan children were kept in their van, waiting if they will have to flee again. Ambrus, Slovenia, Saturday, 28.10.2006

d165_8643-minister-mate_borut_peterlin.jpgProtest of local villagers that Strojan Roma family should flee their property was so decreed that Minister of Internal Affairs Dragutin Mate arrived on the scene. On the picture Minister Dragutin Mate is offering Strojan Roma family to move from their property to Postojna refugee centre, just for three weeks and meantime government will find another location. In next two months that followed government didn’t met their promise to found appropriate permanent location for Strojan family, but it made another promise that a permanent location will be found before April 2007. Ambrus, Slovenia, Saturday, 28.10.2006.

d166_8750-otroka-lezita-na-tleh-obd_borut_peterlin.jpgStrojan boys were afraid to sleep in their house because they thought villagers will kill them, so they stayed lying on the ground beside a fireplace waiting in fear for the outcome of the protest of local majority villagers. Ambrus, Slovenia, Saturday, 28.10.2006.

d166_8964-grm-z-otroci_borut_peterlin.jpg Zoran Grm, Roma representative from Novo mesto is helping Strojan Roma family to settle in refugee center in Postojna. Postojna, Slovenia, Sunday 29th of October 2006.

d163_7515-vrecka-dracja_borut_peterlin.jpgStrojan Roma family hiding in the forest under threats of local majority of Ambrus village. On the picture a boy is collecting wood to make a bonfire. Ivančna Gorica, Friday, 26.10.2006.

d167_9189-navodila-v-po_bpet_borut_peterlin.jpgStrojan Roma family in exile in refugee center in Postojna while being settled in. Postojna, Slovenia, Sunday 29th of October 2006

d172_1132_borut_peterlin.jpgIn refugee center in Postojna, Aleksander Strojan, (age 4 years), in the shadow od Milan Zver observes media coverage of an official statement of Mr. Milan Zver. Milan Zver is a Minister for education and at the time President of Government’s Board for Protection of Roma Etnical Minority in Slovenia.

d179_6211_borut_peterlin.jpg Grandmother Elka Strojan age 55, is waiting on a parking lot of a highway at Višnja Gora waiting if police will allow their return toward their settlement near Ambrus village. Grandmother Elka Strojan have a seriously heart problems and she is desparate also because she is constantly being interviewed. Višnja Gora, Slovenia, Saturday 25th of November 2006.

d190_881-postilja-posteljo_bpet4_borut_peterlin.jpgStrojan’s house was demolished because it was illegally build three days before Christmas. The inspection for urban planning demolished it only after municipality of Ivančna Gorica gave a guarentee that Strojan family has a second place to stay, that’s Postojna’s refugee centre. On the picture eleven members of Strojan Roma family that succeed to returned to their property are preparing a shanty to spend the prechristmas December night. Ambrus, Slovenia, 21.12.2006

d190_9247_borut_peterlin.jpgStrojan Roma family reunited in Ambrus, after their house was demolished. Happiness to be reunited after more then a month was soon followed by a despair of ascertainment that nothing was left after their house being demolished, so half of them returned back to Postojan’s refugee centre. On the picture, statue of Mary among other things they saved before a demolition of their house. Ambrus, Slovenia, 22.12.2006

d175_4249_borut_peterlin.jpg Additional picture that might replace a picture no:7 of a boy picking up wood for bonfire. On the picture there are people of Ivančna Gorica making a road barricade on a road that is leading to a location where Strojan family planned to settle. Stranska vas, Slovenia, 14.11.2006


Written by Borut Peterlin

2 January, 2007 at 14:21

Posted in Photojournalism

24 Responses

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  1. despairate = desperate

    Sathurday = Saturday


    2 January, 2007 at 14:31

  2. All of them are touching, but the first one is scary. Seems these people really had fun doing that.


    2 January, 2007 at 17:07

  3. OK I managed to install spell checker to my Mozilla, so I hope my blog will be a bit more digestible. Thank your for your patience and until next “SATHURDAY”…


    2 January, 2007 at 17:11

  4. Thanks for the note. Now it works!


    2 January, 2007 at 19:39

  5. Pretty good selection. I only miss the *vaške straže* part of story.

    Good luck with the competitions!


    2 January, 2007 at 20:07

  6. Vaške straže (village guards and road barricades) I select out and in the selection of 12 images I concentrated solely on the destiny of Roma’s with exception of first picture of a mob which is an introduction of the series.



    2 January, 2007 at 20:37

  7. Actually Ivan, you’ve made me think and I might replace boy picking up wood for bonfire (picture no. 7) with a picture of village guard on a road barricade.

    It might be better to introduce a new subject and make picture series more dynamic.

    Thx, B5


    2 January, 2007 at 21:19

  8. Forget the crap with the spelling unless it’s something that’s really important to you. Your words are pictures and we get the message, so who cares about spelling.


    2 January, 2007 at 22:10

  9. novala, everyone who wants to be seen as professional should make every attempt to do proper spelling and grammar. i am not saying i am perfect (far from it) but i try. well i have to, considering where i live 😉


    2 January, 2007 at 23:40

  10. pict no 9. – masterpiece.


    3 January, 2007 at 00:53

  11. Ok, i’m encouraged now so here’s some more food for thought. 🙂

    I’d do more work on captions. For instance:

    In No.4 you have represented the most important moment in the whole story: Mate promises the villagers that Strojans will not return home. You try hard to explain it all, but i don’t think it comes through clear enough. In caption, I’d play on juxtaposing his extending hand to the Strojans and screwing them with his promise.

    I like No.9 too, it’s awesome pic. But caption doesn’t do it justice. This pic is about little boy caught and frightened by powerful forces represented by shadows. I wouldn’t mention Zver at all. It’s also the only pic without a date.

    I also think No. 3 and No.11 are the weakest in the set. I think it would be important story-wise to somehow show the destruction of demolishing their home. Instead of 11, i’d think of using one of these, last one maybe even for alternate ending:


    3 January, 2007 at 02:25

  12. Borut, v tej “Strojan sagi” si naredil nekaj izjemnih fotk in vem, da se jim je težko odreči v končnem izboru, a za nekoga, ki ne pozna teme, ne izve, v čem je problem. Po mojem rabiš še kak širši pogled ali total. Na nobeni sliki ni njihovega dvorišča. Kaj pa kak čisto ozek detajl? Glede vaških straž: mogoče jih ne rabiš, ker že s prvo fotografijo poveš enako. Ali pač? Sprintaj fotke na A4 in se še malo posvetuj… Vso srečo!


    3 January, 2007 at 10:37

  13. Iztok: If you want to be seen as a professional speller you of course should know your trade. 😉 For the rest – ah, no, aren’t there more important things? Like the beautiful photos Borut takes and the sad Strojan story?


    3 January, 2007 at 16:37

  14. novala, no matter what your profession is, if your grammar and spelling is poor, then you are not seen as a professional whatever. In a global market this counts. Then again, if you are stuck in Slovenia and milking taxpayers then it might not count. As soon as you get out of the realm of being a “great starving local artist needing government financial aid all the time” into realm of real greatness on a World scale where you face fierce competition on all levels, your spelling and grammar counts on top of your good works in photography (or other field). It gives you an advantage over those who can’t or care not to do well on all levels.

    English is not my native language, but most frequently spoken language for me. My field of expertise is in IT networking and security and when you daily compete with brilliant people around the globe for your job and income, every little count. Even the fact that you are a bit better speller then the guy next to you. Perhaps it is just my experience in the environment, but competition at the top is fierce in IT. I would assume then assume that if you don’t care, the photography either doesn’t have such fierce competition on top or you are not there to care.


    3 January, 2007 at 17:09

  15. eh, I should have read and corrected my error in the last sentence before I posted.


    3 January, 2007 at 17:10

  16. You’ve just lost your job to the better spelling indian guy. 😉


    3 January, 2007 at 17:55

  17. BORUT: The photo of Aleksander Strojan and the shadows above …hm, it tells so much, no?
    Also: I couldn’t believe the lovely Slovenian the small ones are speaking on the audio file you published some time ago. I wonder why is it that some- eh, let’s leave it, I’m sure you know what I wanted to say.

    IZTOK: there is a natural law that hasn’t been named yet, but exists nevertheless: If you are telling someone about their spelling mistakes in a lengthy, passionate piece of writing, you are inadvertently going to make some mistakes yourself. 🙂


    3 January, 2007 at 19:59

  18. Yes Alcessa that mp3 of children interviewing is really touching, especially when Elvis (9 years) says that when he’ll grow up he’ll buy a bulldoze and torn down all houses in Ambrus. Then Samanta (6year old) starts to persuade him that’s not right that he shouldn’t do that but should call a police to prevent demolition of his house.

    I agree with Iztok and I do care a bit about my spelling and I appreciate your correction.

    Pubec, I’m not sure if I need additional total frame. I think two frames of the mob and a barricade will be enough. Nonetheless the story is about the people and not so much about the place. Thanks for your advice. I went back through my images and checked but I didn’t found anything.


    3 January, 2007 at 22:08

  19. Oh, and I forgot to vote – no. 9. Why? It’s so f…ing loud!


    4 January, 2007 at 01:01

  20. Hm, i guess my earlier comment got caught by spam trap or something…


    4 January, 2007 at 10:35

  21. tvoje fotografije so lepe ampak ne več kot to.
    manjkajo ti močnejši trenutki.v bistvu nekdo ki ne ve za kaj se gre, ne razume fotografij.
    tematika je zelo aktualna, vendar ne vidimo ničesar drugega kot ospule ljudi.a si videl tudi kaj drugega tam med njimi.Romi so zelo močna tematika.
    mogoče je dobro za joop swart masterclass, ampak ne za world press photo
    good luck


    4 January, 2007 at 14:55

  22. Kakorkoli že, to je najbolje kar znam.


    9 January, 2007 at 23:56

  23. […] Today I’ve received a phone call from a magazine Days Japan from Tokyo. Days Japan in highly respected magazine for photojournalism and I’ve send them images from Strojan Roma family in exile for a picture contest. I didn’t won a prize, but our Fotopub mentor Francesco Zizola won a prize. You can imagine this is World Press Photo level contest. Anyway Days Japan wants to publish five of my images on six pages! And this magazine is distributed all around the world! […]

  24. […] Tuesday 7th of August 19.30 – 20.30 Lecture by Chris de Bode 20.30 – 21.00 Exhibition opening of Borut Peterlin: Strojan Roma family – refugees in their own country 21.00 – 22.10 Projection of feature film of Dušan Moravec: Photojournalists […]

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