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Three exhibition openings in five days

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For all of you who were wondering if B5 became a bit lazy, being absent from blogosphere, let me tell you in my defense that beside finishing really good issue of Mladina weekly, I’ll have in the next five days three exhibition openings! Can you belive it? And tomorrow I’m going on a famous partisan Dražgoše march. As it is written in the document we will start our walk on Saturday evening and walk whole night and in the morning we are at Dražgoše. Organizer expect about 200 people. Mladina’s Ironman Blaž Ogorevc is our main man, Janja Prešern is a tea lady and probably Šini and Baco will go with us. We’ve already walked pilgrimage road from Škofja Loka to Brezje.

Today Ksenija Hahonina is having a talk in Koper about 20 years after Chernobyl’s disaster and my pictures will be exhibited. HERE you can download slideshow of my images, but it’s 14 MB large.

On Sunday my images of autistic children will be displayed at EUROPark in Maribor. I’ve photographed children from Center društvo za avtizem. I hope pictures will turn out OK, since I’ve just send my digital files.


zombies_23.jpgOn_Tuesday_16th_of_January at 18.00 in Prešernova hiša of Gorenjski muzej there will be an exhibition of Slovenian students of famous Prague’s Academy FAMU. So here are the names of survivors: Uroš Abram, Uroš Acman, Luka Dekleva, Blaž Fras, Rok Golob, Jernej Humar, Jasna Klančar, Nataša Košmerl, Tomaž Lauko, Sonja Lebedinec, Borut Peterlin, Jure Puc, Katarina Sadovski, Bojana Tomše, Aleksandra Vajd, Tilen Vajt, Tanja Verlak.

I’ll_exhibit my Bachelor graduation work Zombies. Here are few pictures from those times in Prague (1994-98) that you’ll surely not see on the exhibition.

13_102_04.jpgMy tutor Viktor Kolar reviewing first version of the book Zombies at FAMU. 6142124.jpg6142114.jpg7129120.jpgSlovenian students on the island on Vltava (from left) Jure Moškon and Stepan Drača (cameramans), Jure Breceljnik and Luka Dekleva. 7147135.jpg7147142.jpgAleksandra_Vajd


6123134.jpg6123222.jpgJeanChristophe Quet 6115135.jpg6115139.jpg 6128126.jpg6118117.jpg
On_this_last_picture_Jure Breceljnik and myself are leaving Prague after my final Bachelor’s exam in year 1998 and I remember saying to Jure I have a feeling I’m not going to come back for a very long time. I haven’t visited it since.


Written by Borut Peterlin

12 January, 2007 at 23:33

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  1. Hey, i never imagined there were so many Slovenian students at FAMU. Some of the names are completely new to me and i wonder what are these people up to photographicaly and what percentage actually managed to make career out of photography. I once read statistics that only 5% of american art students do art after 5 years out of college…

    Maybe see you at Dražgoše, but i’ll skip the all-night march… 😀


    13 January, 2007 at 01:24

  2. I thing that statistics might be valid also for FAMU students. I would add that Famu is more academical school where students do learn a lot, but from people who earn their living by teaching photography and not from photography itself. On the end of the day it depends on each person itself how he’ll transform his theory in praxis. Best thing about London College of Printing is that we had every week a lecture by a person who earn hers/his living from photography.

    I admit few Famu names are unfamiliar to me as well and for most of them I don’t know what they are doing. It will surely be interesting exhibition.

    You can not imagine how many Slovenians are studying art related craft in Prague! It’s our educational resort for photography, film, editing and many of them study art scenography, theater, music, etc. When I was studying there were about 35 Slovenian students each year.
    See you!



    13 January, 2007 at 07:51

  3. ill go to europark to shoot this displayed photos


    13 January, 2007 at 19:03

  4. Borut, it was long time when I last visited your blog. You are really very creative! Jasmina send me some snaps from Jože Pučnik’s Airport :)) Nice work! It was nice seeing you there. We actually did not spent so much time together at all, mostly virtual, but anyway I really like your works and I wish you all the best in your big show in London. When I saw a photo of my ex room mate Blaž jere I have to say I was shocked to see him again. May he rest in peace!

    Sašo Vr.

    17 July, 2007 at 02:10

  5. […] We drove so many times with Jure’s Zastava 101 and Blaž’s Clio from Lj to Prague. HERE are some old pics. We were listening Nick Cave for Blaž and Shade for Tina. So many memories drawn […]

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