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New Striptiz portrait of Maja Hawlina and Oliver Vodeb



I_received a brief for this Striptiz Portrait already a month ago, but the brief was concerning the authors of anti-terminal coffe cups. When we met I realized that Maja Hawlina is an author of famous poster that I loved so much and Oliver is a main man of Memefest. Well, when we met I was told they have no anti-terminal coffe cups, because the collection was sold out. I didn’t grief that much because I didin’t fancy the idea to make a portrait of two persons with coffe cups anyway. Instead of working on a portrait we had lovely conversation about creativity (whatever means) for more then an hour. When our time was up we were still barefooted without any idea how are we going to do a portrait. We were brainstorming what their work means for me and I sum up my understanding in two sentences. They want to affect the world and they’re using new technologies to diffuse ideas worldwide. At that point I needed urgently to run to WC, but before that I said that when I’ll be out I will have the idea sorted. I don’t know what was it that reminded me on Martin Luther and his 95 thesis. Maybe was a poster or an add, I don’t know, but when I was finished I said Martin Luther want to change the world and he nailed his thesis on the door of the Castle Church and he used new revolutionary technique the printing press to print his thesis in numerous copies that was distributed throughout whole Germany in two weeks.

And since Maja and Oliver are doing similar thing using a computer, why don’t we nail a computer on the tree, as a poster for pedestrians to read it. They thought I’m joking, got a laptop from my colleagues from Monitor editorial and we actually nail it through the screen. Actually the housing of the computer is so tough, that the nail could not penetrate it!

Concerning the aesthetic I pondered on various scenarios from which angle to shoot it and where. Would it be better from aside, bellow, above and where? Would it be better to nail it on public advertisement board and use some perspective of the street… But on the end I decided to keep it simple. What it matters is Maja, Oliver a laptop and a nail. Logical conclusion was to shoot the picture from above and in that way I avoid all unnecessary elements. Before we went to the street I also added that I’ll capture a pedestrian in one angle of the picture and Maja asked me if I arranged th meeting with some pedestrian and I said I don’t need to because coincidence is my best friend. And so it happened. Not only that a kind person came by, he also had a poodle on a leash which actually made the picture perfect.


Written by Borut Peterlin

18 January, 2007 at 00:06

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  1. O kok zakon!
    Dobra kompozicija, luštno uporabljen softbox in zabavno postavljen fotograf 🙂
    Ena boljših fotk; pa hvala za opis postopka, zanimivo branje.


    18 January, 2007 at 01:38

  2. sem šla kr takoj prečekirat tole. se pridružujem mnenju mojega predhodnika.
    ps. jp, kužek rules!


    18 January, 2007 at 23:49

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  46. […] in Mladina’s office I saw a laptop with a nail in the screen. I used the laptop already for a Striptiz portrait in January, but I don’t like the picture that much and I thought I’ll make a new one […]

  47. […] Inspiration was of course Steven Gill’s and his project billboards. Actually a year ago I already made his portrait but for Striptiz […]

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