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President Drnovšek’s interview in Mladina

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In_this_issue of Mladina we have an interview with president of Slovenia Janez Drnovšek. We’ve talked also about the clash between President Drnovšek and Prime Minister Janša and the election of Governor of Bank of Slovenia. President Drnovšek spoke openly and even said that Janša is lying when he’s saying that they haven’t discussed about candidature of Jože Mencinger for governor.

I think that this clash between two most important political figures is going to make huge collateral damage to whole Slovenia.

Nonetheless life goes on and our second child is about to be born any day now and today is Lučka’s third birthday! Alenka prepared everything for morning surprise. She’s amazing! They’re both amazing!

PS: Ciao Klemen! Here is my studio, but it’s not for rent. I don’t find exif information that important, but nonetheless every picture contains exif information, so save it and then open it in an appropriate program.



Written by Borut Peterlin

16 February, 2007 at 00:57

Posted in Family, Mladina

8 Responses

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  1. Sweet photos. So you have a studio at your home?

    You really should consider posting the EXIF data, too. It’s one way for us to learn pro secrets 🙂


    16 February, 2007 at 02:14

  2. Hey Borut! Congratulations on soon to have two kids! 🙂

    It is hard when you are expecting change in your family “any day now” 🙂 My wife and I finally got some good news about our family status that we’ve been waiting basically since start of fall of 2006. So now we are official and we expect our family to grow one or two members this year. We are thinking of moving to a bigger house to get an extra room or two for the kids so we could add a boy to the family and not just a girl or two as it looks now. Honestly I can’t wait to hit the amusement park with my new kid(s) this year!


    17 February, 2007 at 20:58

  3. Congratulation to you too Iztok! Parent is really rewarding job!



    17 February, 2007 at 21:04

  4. Thank you Borut! I agree! It is awesome when kind calls you “dad” or “mom”. It is awesome to observe how they change during the years and when they finally leave home, go to college, get their own apartment, plan to get married, and start living lives on their own.. it is even more amazing when you observe the choices they make on their own and you see that they turned out to be a great kid after all and that you did a good job. It is rewarding when they call you and ask for your help or advice when they need it. Even if it is in the middle of the night. It is even rewarding when they call and just need to vent and have someone to listen.

    I can also tell you that when they leave the house, life changes. This past almost a year since our home was practically empty of kids we realized that we have so much to offer. Since it will probably be between 5-10 years before we become grandparents we decided it is time to do our best and raise more kids on our own.

    I guess this year our grandmother will be grand-grandmother for 8th or 9th time in her life. My mother for 4th or 5th time becoming grandmother.


    17 February, 2007 at 21:55

  5. I’ve saved a few pics, but AcdSee (or any other software) doesn’t show me the EXIF data; but as you said, it’s not THAT important.
    Really nice little studio, here’s how I had fun the other day. Which flashes/lights do you use? Thanks for the info.


    18 February, 2007 at 14:08

  6. Ciao Klemen!
    I use balcar jazz 750 flashes. Uau you’re working with great studio lightning! the problem with studiolightning is that usually we overdo it. In Benetton Toscani was building huge shafts, barriers and blinders to direct light and to make some shadow in the picture.

    Try using photoshop for exif info. It worked for me.



    19 February, 2007 at 11:17

  7. Ciao Iztok!

    It’s so true what you’re saying. For me the most fascinating is that this complex relation parent / child is present in all segments of Universe. Even to an abstract concepts like ideas.

    We inherit some ideas (knowledge) and we nurture them as our children, but some day our ideas go it’s way and live their new life, just like our children.

    The problem occurs when we try to block flow of ideas (children) and it’s right to grow, develop, instead of as you’ve said “so much to offer”.

    Anyhow I see the relation parent / child as a fundament of Universe and it important as gravity,…



    19 February, 2007 at 11:41

  8. Hi. Actually 3 flashes are “only” 420 W and I believe that’s more than enough (I love playing with shadows, so sometimes I just turn off one or two, heh) to get good (or at least good enough) light. And two are over 600 W for “heavy users” 🙂


    20 February, 2007 at 09:31

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