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Catching the rhythm of everyday

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Thank you everybody for all good wishes for a birth of our second child Brina. Last week was certainly very intense and beside family stuff going on I had to do a lot of things for Mladina. On Friday we arrived at home and although I expected to be a holiday for our family it was really stressful. I mean everything went wrong and Lučka didn’t go to bed after lunch, so we didn’t had a brake, being very tired, trying to keep up her pace. I mean it was not Lučka’s (older daughter) or Brina’s fault that we were all stressed out.

However this weekend we catchted a pace of everyday. I’m responsible for our older daughter, so we go for two hours walks and games on playground so she’s exhausted and hungry when we get home so we have no problem whatsoever. But family demands a discipline especially from parents and discipline makes it easier to split all obligations of everyday and on the end of it (why not) enjoying it.

When everybody’s sleeping I’m planning to get into aerial photography, by buying a small Zeppelin (blimp) and a radio controlled camera on it fix. I’ll devote a post about it in a near future.


Written by Borut Peterlin

4 March, 2007 at 22:00

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  1. True, very true concerning the classes. Alenka read few very good books on that topic.

    I think discipline is right word and by that I mean good old Austro-Hungarian way. To have clear idea what is whose responsibility in what time of the day. In that way family don’t loose energy in arguing what has to be done in what time of the day.

    Well, I need to run 🙂



    5 March, 2007 at 07:46

  2. I knew exactly what you were talking when you said “discipline”. Again, proper word for this is structure 🙂

    Here is a quote that might help you understand:

    “When you make a rule, stick to it. Children need structure with clear expectations for their behavior. Setting rules and then not enforcing them is confusing and sets up children to “see what they can get away with.”

    Parents should involve children in setting rules whenever possible. Explain to your children what you expect, and the consequences for not following the rules. This will help them learn to behave in ways that are good for them and for those around them. ”

    Discipline is what follows when kids break the rule and are punished with time-in, time-out or other ways.


    5 March, 2007 at 12:12

  3. I see what you meant and I agree.


    5 March, 2007 at 12:50

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