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From lead valley of Mežica with love

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_mg_7020_borut_peterlin.jpgYesterday was extremely hard day. I drov 450 km, taking pictures and working on editorial. We were doing a story on a Dead valley. Žerjav town is located in the Mežica valley were lead is dig for already 300 years at Mine Mežica The mine was closed two years ago and situation is much better. Until 1989 there were regular medical blood tests of residents of this town and people that worked in the mine, but the results were never revealed. After year 1989 nobody made any blood tests and people are uncertain of their medical condition. Majority of senior residents decline any possibility that their health is under threat, because most of them are anyhow retired miners. But we were talking also with mother two who’s son could not employ at the mine, because he had too much lead in his blood although he never stepped into a mine. Asist.mag. Ivan ERŽEN, made a detailed analyze of this. People with young children are very concerned mostly because they are lacking information of the threat for lead poisoning.

They are very concerned when a scandal broke, where they found lead in fine sand that children used it as a playground. The fine sand that was produced by RSMC – Gradbeni materiali from the valley of Mežica and although this was refined sand it was still harmful. The question remains open how harmful is unrefined dust in the air of Mežica valley.



Written by Borut Peterlin

30 March, 2007 at 15:24

Posted in Photojournalism

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