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Public discussion on free journalism in Slovenia

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_mg_7540_borut_peterlin.jpg It looked like it’ll be just another theoretical public debate without any practical effect, but all main Slovenian journalist show up from all sort of medias. The stories that we heard are really frightening and it sounded like we’re back in 80’s totalitarianism. Denis Sarkić made a piece on it and it’s HERE. When we left the place we went to Parlament bar, where SDS MP’s Simoniti, Petek, Jerovšek, Eva Irgl, Franc Pukšič were sitting. I felt reluctant to play paparazzo, but after Krasić started to film for I took the picture as well. He was right. It’s too much self censorship anyway and if freedom of speech comes down to paparazzo pictures let it be!
_mg_7577_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_7640_borut_peterlin.jpg _mg_7542_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_7694_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_7643_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_7720_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_7679_borut_peterlin.jpg



Written by Borut Peterlin

4 April, 2007 at 22:13

Posted in Photojournalism

5 Responses

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  1. b5 – hehe, jepz, bos moral tudi to pozret, da postanes “gnjavator” 🙂


    5 April, 2007 at 00:20

  2. Bojim se, da mi bo všeč ratalo!


    5 April, 2007 at 06:25

  3. tile na zadnji fotki, a to so imeli uredniški kolegij ninđž? Pogrešam vsepovsod prisotnega ministra za Ruse in jedrske odplake Vizjaka.


    5 April, 2007 at 07:52

  4. B5 – verjamem, jaz namrec uzivam najbolj prav v tem 🙂


    6 April, 2007 at 00:36

  5. Hmm… interesting when one noted that he has hard time dealing with his editor. Perhaps he mixes the freedom of speech with option of anyone listening to him. Editors are there to somewhat represent owners of the media and their wishes what media they own should be and look like. If journalists don’t like it, they can move somewhere where media is more in-line with what they want to write about. There is always an option to establish your own and print what you want. With internet that is not an issue anyway. Anyone can publish with relative low cost.

    Now the issue becomes when people who have little or no knowledge write about things and others believe it. Mico Mrkaic exposed several so called “experts” in economy in Slovenia who still seem to be in high regard in public mostly because people like what they write even if it has no basis in reality. People in Slovenian like to hear how good they are and how well we did in the past and that there is no reason to change. Majority of the people don’t pay enough in taxes to really know the true burden of what social system means in Slovenia because hard working young professionals pay the bills for them while they enjoy their good living in large house and hardly pay any taxes while renting young families their condo they got through privatization. Time to pay the bills will come, sooner it comes, better it will be for those still living in Slovenia. More you wait, more capable and hard working young professionals will find their way out of tax burden. This is something you hardly hear in Slovenia, but it is reality, it will hit you, the light at the end of the tunnel is not end of the tunnel but approaching train.

    Majority of politics and media is in public appeasement role in Slovenia. This is what people want and rare people risk to go out and point it out. If they do, they are mocked by others. Mico Mrkaic is prime example.

    So no, there is no need for self censorship, there is a way to write what you want, question is, do you want to risk it or not. You can’t have your cake of social security and enjoy the benefits of liberal society at the same time, you need to pick one thing or another, living in socialism is not yielding you what you want.


    6 April, 2007 at 05:42

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