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Our happy vegetarian child at lunch.

I didn’t blog for a while, but I have great excuse. I was spending really great time with my family! I enjoy my life as never before. I feel great at work, I feel fantastic when I do Tai Ji and most of all with my family we hit a new level full of love and understanding._mg_1771_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_1727_borut_peterlin.jpgimg_1559_borut_peterlin.jpgimg_1567_borut_peterlin.jpg

Work with our vineyard is done for this time of year. I mowed and sprayed it and I’m quite happy for that work. My father came up with another small inovation on the work of mowing and spraying. When you mow a lot of grass is flying around and you need a protection suit and in it it gets really hot. My father figure it out a very simple trick to rip trousers so you still get protection from front and it’s not so hot.


Written by Borut Peterlin

13 May, 2007 at 23:06

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  1. Remember all that MasterCard commercials? Pay this much for something, pay that much for something else.. Well, such moments qualify under the “priceless” category. Good luck with everything.


    13 May, 2007 at 23:16

  2. Yes, or another commercial…

    Who had on his final hour a regret: I wish I would spend more time at work!


    14 May, 2007 at 10:39

  3. lovely picture of Lučka. as always. 🙂


    14 May, 2007 at 21:04

  4. sam morm te pozdravt! splet so called nakljucij me je pripeljal do te luckine fotke – ah! pozdravcek se alenki!


    15 May, 2007 at 18:04

  5. Katja? iz primorske? iz Ljubljane? iz NM?

    No vseeno hvala za pozdrave!


    15 May, 2007 at 21:16

  6. temu se pa reče košnja s stilom! Samo, da ne prebudiš podgurskih škratov.
    Mimogrede, zanimive “cote” za košnjo.. Na drugi strani Krke so namesto jeansa zelo popularne modre delavske halje/hlače iz bivše celuloze Djuro Salaj, zdajšnjega Vipapa. Je celoten breg ovit v modro 🙂


    17 May, 2007 at 15:20

  7. ha, ha, ha, blaž! Ne moreš verjet, a sem vedel, da bo to prispevek, ki se bo zataknil v tvoje oko. Ker Dolenjska je mooooja mati !-)



    18 May, 2007 at 16:49

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