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New Striptiz portrait of architects Vaso Perić and Matija Bec

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portrait of architects Vaso Perić and Matija BecArchitects Vaso Perić and Matija Bec won an important architecture award for their project of Faculty of Mathematics in Ljubljana. I’ve got a brief that I need to do their portrait for a Striptiz rubric in Mladina at the site of Faculty of Mathematics. I decided that I’ll choose very clean, sterile frame like THIS and Matija and Vaso will be simply standing straight and when I’ll make a picture they’ll jump few centimeters in the air, like this. Unfortunately rain was pouring just on the time of our term and as we were catching deadline, we did a picture under the roof of their studio. In their studio I noticed a stuffed young zebra and although it has nothing to do with architecture I still used it to make the picture more interesting. Basically it’s the same formula as with Jemeršič and Štritof portrait. A straight portrait, but a lot of work on the background that will distract the obvious and make a tension between the story of people being portraited and the surrounding.

stuffed young zebraThis stuffed young zebra in a visual (and moral) sense really shocked me and what does a photographer when it is confronted with a shocking scene? Of course I took a surrealistic picture of Zebra in an elevator. I must say that while photographing zebra I was inspired by the work of Jasmina Cibic and who does really surreal pictures like THIS.

PS:As you can see I started to use DRR as my web on-line archive. I think I’ve figure it all out and although I’m in constant time pressure I’ll write an extensive post on my plan how to sell my images on line, to who and what’s my corner of the global market economy.


Written by Borut Peterlin

27 May, 2007 at 11:32

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  1. Lepo pišeš in veliko, še lepše fotografiraš!
    Ne pozabi nekaj besed nemeniti tudi Lučki in Brini, v njune dnevnike!
    Bilo bi lepo!


    28 May, 2007 at 07:54

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