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Attracting customers to my on-line archive

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Sea Gull flying
I’ve changed the picture and under comments you’ll see why.

In last post I was writing on my decision to sell my images directly. The big question still remain open how should I attract enough customers and sell enough pictures? Or better why a customer should search for an image on my archive?

I’ll came up with two reasons price and advertising.

  1. Considering the price.
    Things will never be the same after Istock appeared on the market. I mean it’s not so crucial their outrages prices ranging between 1$ -15 $, but it’s their production! They have really hard core professionals that are producing excellent work and selling it thousand times cheaper, but selling every image few thousand times!What am I going to do about it? I’m planning to use pragmatically my experience as a photo editor and cash it as a photographer. I’m planning to sell royalty free images (usually pictures of my family) for the price of 0$ – 15 USD. I mean the picture published above I took today and I really don’t care if somebody will make a billboard out of it, as long as he / she pays me a lunch.
  2. Advertising my on-line archive It’s pretty obvious to me that conventional advertising on Internet just doesn’t work. I never clicked on flashing banners and I don’t see why would you. As I understand the Web 2.0 and it’s phenomena it’s all about networking, connecting, sharing, giving it away and receiving it for free. I’m planning to offer images in low resolution (low-res) for free to anybody and all I want for return is a link to my archive. Let’s say there it’s a picture 330 pix wide and when a reader wants to enlarge the image in medium resolution will open in my archive. I imagine that in few months time I’ll have few thousand of hi-res images in my archive a lot of bloggers will use my archive for illustration of their posts and some of them will buy images for commercial or editorial use.Also through my blog a lot of people get on my archive. Except on my blog I didn’t advertise my on-line archive anywhere. Actually I’m a bit embarrassed that I still didn’t shape it up and because of that I still didn’t enter DRR markerplace. I want to make it very slick and then hit the market aggressively in a way that they’ll not know who is this guy implementing his rules. But first I need to make my site and on-line archive very good, because you can never correct a first impression. Although I’m still a bit quite about the archive and I’ve uploaded only 200 or so images, already 2200 views happen in last month. When I’ll get out there and start to promote my images for a link, this number will grow dramatically!

I must stressed out that all this is just my estimation and I’m inventing and learning the game at the same time.


Written by Borut Peterlin

5 June, 2007 at 00:35

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15 Responses

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  1. Borut,

    just word of caution. Pictures like above would more then likely being classified as kiddie porn in US. If I were you I would consider little more discretion.


    5 June, 2007 at 04:28

  2. Thank you Iztok for advise, but I really don’t want to live in a world where pictures like this would be considered porn. On the end of the day picture is a remake of famous Annie Leibovitz picture of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

    But you’re right. This picture I can not sell. I’ll still keep it on my blog.


    5 June, 2007 at 07:56

  3. OK. after discussion with my wife we decided to remove the picture of my daughters being nude. I’ll write a post on that. Later,


    5 June, 2007 at 08:36

  4. way to go Borut! you must be optimistic. 😉 as regards drr..i hired my sister to do keywording and everything… I also want to put up about 500 pictures and then start with promoting and entering marketplace.


    5 June, 2007 at 09:48

  5. Hi, I saw the original photo on this post. It was quite bold, but you should probably read the article on that topic (2 pages)

    Have a nice day,

    PS: this comment is not meant as a critique (more as an advice 🙂 )


    5 June, 2007 at 12:08

  6. I think you should forget about ‘hitting the market aggresively’. You have nor time nor resources to do it in a meaningful way. Build your photo selling empire piece by piece. I think most of your thinking is on the mark but you’re too optimistic. 😉


    5 June, 2007 at 12:38

  7. Borut,

    John and Yoko were adults. Your kids are not. While personally I understand that there might be no sexual intentions behind the picture the fact remains that subjects on the pictures were minors and stricter laws around the world are extending larger and larger protections for them. My main concern of this post is your kids. You might not want to but you are living in the world where such pictures are considered kiddie porn and this protection of kids will increase even further. Such photos might ruin not only your career as a photographer but also your family. Imagine the following scenario that is not too far fetched: You travel with your family to vacation to one of the countries that has some strict child protecting laws (such as US). Customs officer inspects your camera and digital content and finds the image (one you’ve removed from this post). What would happen? More then likely your children would be taken by child protective services and you would be arrested of possession of child pornography. Nowadays many more law enforcement agencies rather err on the side of caution and be overprotective then not. All of a sudden your rather innocent attitude towards liberal arts would turn into a harsh reality and family nightmare.

    US is not the only one with such protective laws. Some Islamic countries could have even stricter punishments for such things. Europe is enacting stricter laws as well.

    This is not meant as a critique of your art work but as an advice to you as a parent in general. Just imagine what would happen if your pictures would end up in the wrong place. I would refrain from taking any pictures that could harm your kids in the future should they be exposed to public (yes this also means private photos that you never plan to release). But that is just me.


    5 June, 2007 at 13:15

  8. I totally agree on this subject. Your intentions in taking this kind of photos may be all good, but there are some seriously weird people that can abuse your work. And you really don’t want those pics to come in the wrong hands… Unfortunately there is a lot more of child pornography then we think 😦


    5 June, 2007 at 14:10

  9. Hi, I totally agree with all what you wrote (maybe beacuse I’m quite liberal 🙂 ). But there are some really conservative people out there that just don’t understand things. Unfortunately they can make your life miserable. So on the end there remains one question: “Are you willing to take the risk?”


    6 June, 2007 at 08:41

  10. Borut,

    you can’t compare the caricatures of a prophet with taking nude pictures of kids! We need to protect kids from child abuse of any form whenever we can. Taking pictures of naked children for decades? Sorry but once kids are out of the dippers and able to take care of their own hygiene of their private parts parents should not take pictures of them like that anymore. This has nothing to do with being liberal (I have no issues with adults being naked or being photographed) but with child protection. There are aspects of behavior that is simply not acceptable no matter what individual parents think about their rights about their kids. Child abuse is child abuse. I think that just taking pictures of nude children can be devastating for them later down the road and should be avoided. They can’t give you consent and kids trust you as an adult that what you do is right. Here is where the role of society comes in play. Go to Slovenian equivalent to Children Protective Services and ask their social worker if your pictures are appropriate or not. This has nothing to do with US but it is more general then that. You can’t compare elbow to other private parts, that is simply delusional comment. So if you feel you are nod doing anything wrong, I dare you to go to the mentioned institution and show your pictures and report on your findings. I am willing to bet you a dinner for your whole family when we visit Slovenia that general public in Europe will also consider your pictures and your plans to take nude pictures for decades very disturbing.

    About death penalty. Even with the worst statistics, USA is responsible for merely 3% of executions in 2006. But considering that credible sources claim seven to eight times more executions in 2006 then what I based these 3% on one can easily see that USA is responsible for less then 1% of it worldwide. Yes I don’t agree with it and times are changing too. I don’t see what this has to do with your case however. An attempt of red herring perhaps? Same goes with owning arms and school issues.

    As far as pedophobic? I feel that we are just trying to protect kids. If you feel that what you do is nothing wrong, I urge you to bring this to the public and see what your own environment thinks about what you do and what are your plans. Go seek advice with the experts at Child Protective Services in Slovenia and report your results. I am 90% sure that you will get the same result, people will think that what you are doing is not right for your kids.


    6 June, 2007 at 13:41

  11. Iztok, you’re wrong. It has everything to do with being liberal, and nothing with ‘protecting the children’.

    here’s another quite famous example of artist photographing her kids


    6 June, 2007 at 19:29

  12. let me clear my point of view. For me people that see an erotic or pornographic content in pictures like this
    are in fact nothing else then a latent pedophiles! I mean how perverted do you have to be to see sexual content in the picture? Do you agree with me?

    And PLEASE don’t mix this latent pedophilia with care for children!!! This case above it’s nothing else then a witch hunt!

    The question is not am I willing to take the risk, but should I take a role in this Pedophobic game?

    and Iztok,
    No, no, no I will not take a part in this witch hunt but instead I’ll dare you! This blog is public and if you or anybody else think that I’m doing anything wrong, do whatever you think you have to do!

    Iztok, this statement is hilarious!
    “I think that just taking pictures of nude children can be devastating for them later down the road and should be avoided.”
    I also heard that some people thinks that photography could steals their soul, but I assure you they are wrong as much as you are. Photography by itself does not do anything.

    I wish I would own a series of pictures of myself being photographed nude every month from the first day that I was born to the last day of my life. Would you not want to see a picture series like that? Does anything like it exist in the world? Not that I know of. Actually I’ll start photographing myself naked and continue until I’ll die! I’ve missed 32 years, but it’ll be good project anyway.

    Considering the elbow issue…
    Hm… I’ll complain to God and see if he/she could work it out that elbow will be considered a naughty part and then we will have to implement this concern to you and ban you to ware this sinful, heretic, immoral, and perverted T-shirts!

    … I’m speaking metaphorically. (in this discussion that might not be so obvious)

    Considering witch hunt like this:
    and this:
    can happen only in USA and for that I’m happy I live in EU.

    About the issue of death row. True, I did stray far off the topic trying to say that USA in many views is surely the best country in the world, but in some issues (like death row) is on the level of comparison with China, Saudi Arabia and other how-should-I-call-them countries. Therefore it’s values (also pedophobic values) are not absolute!

    I want to finish this discussion (at least from my side) and give a big credit to the work that police, social workers and others qualified personal are doing on persecuting pedophiles. I fully trust in their competence, their common sense and their judgment and I see no reason that my pictures are in any sense harm doing to anybody and especially not to my children. I decided that I’ll not publish any pictures of my nude children, but I’ll keep taking the pictures, hopefully until the day I’ll die. Of course with a consent of my children (and my wife).



    6 June, 2007 at 23:31

  13. Ivan, do you have any more recent examples? The photos were from the 1980s (close to 20 years ago). I would be more interested in something more contemporary.


    7 June, 2007 at 01:31

  14. Borut,

    regarding the death row: USA in 2006 did perhaps max 3%. Saying that 55 death row incidents can compare to 1500+ official and 7000-8000 unofficial number of executed in China is on the level of comparison is very interesting statement.

    I would say your comparison level is kinda skewed.


    7 June, 2007 at 01:42

  15. Borut, regarding statement that you find hilarious. Neither you or me are experts in child psychology. So I defer my judgement to people who are experts in such field (social workers, child supporters etc…).

    Yes there are some witch-hunts going on but for the most part it is not the case.

    I had somewhat extensive training for child support in the past year and have seen reports many forms of child abuse most of you wouldn’t even dream of. Hence I would rather err on the safe side when it comes to children and their safety and wellbeing. No your “stealing soul” by taking picture is a poor example of counterpoint. The damage has nothing to do with physical aspects of photography.

    Here in US I think parent should not take nude pictures of kids over 2 or 3 (in other societies this is still acceptable act but so is other forms of child abuse).

    I need to run (my wife is asking me to go shopping and it is 8pm here), otherwise I would have said some more on the topic. But basic premise is that children as early as 3-4 can feel some discomfort by being nude in front of adults in any way shape or form. I don’t see harm of not taking pictures of nude kids to anyone, while there is potential damage for kids the other way around. So when I am in doubt I would always err on the side of protection of a child.


    7 June, 2007 at 02:01

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