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Nisem volil te vole T-shirt advertisment

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Nisem volil te voleThis is a T-shirt advertisement against this Slovenian (right wing) government. The translation of punch line means I didn’t vote for this bullocks. There is also a word game of volil (vote) and voli (bullocks). The statue presents a Boris Kidrič, (allegedly notorious) Slovenian communist leader. Yesterday I even saw a guy making a self portrait on the journalistic press conference in Ministry of Justice.



Written by Borut Peterlin

4 July, 2007 at 22:20

Posted in Mladina

5 Responses

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  1. Slovenian government is far from being right wing.


    5 July, 2007 at 18:06

  2. meu bi to majico 🙂


    6 July, 2007 at 03:17

  3. Aja Markedzani,
    stane le 10 EUR. A mi še enkrat poveš od koga si slišal, da sem mu kopiral idejo pri Striptiz portretu aleša Štegerja na prehodu za pešce? Nek videospot si omenil. Ha! Najbolj enostaven Striptiz portret sem šel nekomu kopirat. Če bi kdo rekel, da sem kopiral Beatle na Abbey road, bi rekel.
    OK, podzavest vse reciklira.



    6 July, 2007 at 22:43

  4. […] Last advertising picture for a Mladina’s T-shirt Nisem volila teh volov was a success (sale is soaring) and today I had to do another picture, but this time for a female T-shirt. I decided to do it in a stable and bet on the words bullock (VOL) vs. cow. The slogan Nisem volila teh volov means I didn’t vote for this bullocks. Here are two results and my wife demands not to unveil the identity of a female wearing a T-shirt. Technically pictures is badly dodged and burnt in, but it’ll be perfectly made when I’ll choose for which one. […]

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