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New Striptiz portrait of Rajko Šajnovič, Roma literate

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rajko šejnovič, roma literate by Borut Peterlin Here is a new Striptiz portrait of Rajko Šajnovič, a Roma literate from Novo mesto. He collected Roma fairy tales and translated many books into Roma language. He is doing it mostly for free and he has a problem with cartridges and a paper for his printer. If there are any potential sponsors to donate him something, send me an email and I’ll connect you directly to him.

In his shanty his walls are full of pictures of people and events from his life. I decided to photograph him with this pictures as stories that are translated into his books.


Written by Borut Peterlin

29 July, 2007 at 23:31

7 Responses

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  1. Wow, to pa je res dober lightning. Kako to, da so posamezne slike na steni tako osvetljene?


    30 July, 2007 at 21:02

  2. Z baterijo pomoje…


    30 July, 2007 at 21:12

  3. Exactly. Expousure time is about 2 minutes.
    1) with Flesh I illuminate his face as the light would come from the computer.
    2) with little torch that emits blue light I illuminated his hands and keyboard.
    3) On the end I illuminated with second normal torch the wall frame by frame.
    4) blue light from other room comes from a TV

    The process lasted about two minutes and light shed on the wall was just adding up.

    Before I started the shoot, I set my camera on tungsten light, so flash light (5500K color temperature) appears blue and the torch light appears yellowish white (2000 K color temperature).

    Simple as that. try it out sometimes with the cheapest compact camera. It’s fun!


    31 July, 2007 at 08:49

  4. This portrait is on my top 5 by Borut.


    31 July, 2007 at 17:29

  5. Cheers Brutus!

    It’s strange. This portrait series it’s keeping me constantly on the edge of despair of not having a good idea and then I face a decision this will be one of the lousiest Striptiz portraits, but then I catch a spark of inspiration and I make a good picture.

    Like for this picture. I was really desperate for not having a good idea and even more because I could not involve an inflatable shark to make a counterpoint of the picture. And also I could not explain to this old man that I’m not “normal” photographer and we’re not to make a “normal” portrait.

    But then an idea came from nowhere and I was saved.

    At least for this picture.

    I just hang up the phone, arranging tomorrow’s shoot for another Striptiz portrait. Again agony of creativity. And again in the middle of conversation I got a crazy idea.

    In some way I hate this series, because I’m always thrown into the unknown, wondering what will be the picture. Like a baby who hates it’s teeth because it hurts while they grow.



    31 July, 2007 at 17:47

  6. You`re like a Bosnian :D.
    They work everything in last moments.

    Good luck tomorrow.


    31 July, 2007 at 20:13

  7. I live in the last moment!



    31 July, 2007 at 21:45

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