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Fotopub 2007 day one

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_mg_1884_borut_peterlin.jpgOK. The first day is behind us. The first day is the most difficult, because participant don’t have pictures to show and we need to form groups and it’s chaos and we need to decide who will work on what and organize everything. Very stressful, but we’ve managed quite well. I’m not nervous and although I woke up with a headeacke it was over after lunch. That’s a good sign. Very good sign.

Arne Hodalič had a lecture on his story on underwater archeology in river Ljubljanica that was published in National Geographic. I think it was in January 2007. I expected that the lecture will be good, ut it was superb. I mean he developed the story how he invested years and years into the story, revealing the secrets of the building a reportage and then he presented how National Geographic published the story and they did it very bad. I mean they didn’t publish even one picture under the water, although the theme was underwater archeology. Crazy!

A lot of people came. The room was packet. On the end after an hour and a half we didn’t let him go and he continued for 10 minutes.

Then we went to Museum Gardens in Novo mesto for a concert of Domingo Siete from California, USA. It was a very good start of a Fotopub!



Written by Borut Peterlin

7 August, 2007 at 00:10

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