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Alive from Visa pour l’image festival

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Yesterday at 3am I’ve returned from Visa pour l’image festival in Perpignan, Fr. It was very intense week. I’ve went there to talk with agents, agencies, photographers and editors. I’ve quit my photoeditor job and now I’ll be a full time photographer involved internationally.

I admit I didn’t had a lot of new stuff to show just Strojan Roma story and Striptiz portrait rubric although concerning that half a year ago my second daughter was born, that’s also something. Beside that I had two older projects Rehabilitation of deaf children and 5am. Anyway img_2292_borut_peterlin.jpgimg_2290_borut_peterlin.jpgI was thinking a lot about the presentation form, but on the end I’ve decided to do it in small books A5 format. Book dummies on 5am and Rehabilitation of deaf children I had it made already, but you can’t sell old stuff, so I’ve made also Strojan and Striptiz booklets. img_2294_borut_peterlin.jpg Since I was a week before on a sea site with my family I was making this two books on the last day (print on demand – laser color printer) and they turned out very badly. When I show up at in Perpignan and saw all this youngsters jumping around with perfect prints in expensive portfolios I got depressed. I mean I hate those clumsy posh-wanna-be portfolio and I prefer booklets, but …. I could do it sooo much better! If I could I would just turned around and walk back home.

Then I said to my self SUFFER DUDE! I guess that’s my lessons to learn and since very important events are coming in the next few weeks, more you’ll be embaressed, less chance to repeat the mistake. So I walked strait to Laif agency that is really good on German market. I wanted first to show my older book on deaf children to explain that’s usual quality of books and then show the rest of the work. When editor looked at the first image, she said haven’t you show me that two years ago? What an embarrassment. I said that’s very likely and then I asked her if she have a photographical memory to remember a picture several years later. She laughed and said that she really liked my work and she wants to see my new work. Shit… She didn’t minded the bad quality and she really liked my Striptiz portraits. On the end the meeting went really well and I felt better. img_2295_borut_peterlin.jpgThe best was my “visit cards”. I’ve made a small booklet 10 x 14 with 16 pages on which are few of my pictures.
I had many meetings, but I don’t expect a lot from them. The worst meeting I had with Corbis. That morning i didn’t found time to start the day with my usual Tai Ji and I was stressed all over the place. When I had a meeting my presentation was so confusing that I’ve presented all my books in one breath and “let’s keep in touch” was his reaction.
I didn’t go to Getty, because in one month I have an exhibition in London so I’ll visit Anthony there and present my work in the best light. From all agencies I fancy the most VU. I really like their stuff. I love the work of Martin Kollar and they are representing him. Actually in year 2001 I already had a meeting with them in Paris. They really liked my 5am project and I thought I won them over, but then they didn’t liked the rest of my portfolio, so “let’s keep in touch”. Anyhow in Perpignan I’ve decided not to repeat the mistake and when I’ll be ready I’ll visit them in Paris.

On the end of the day I’ve sold Striptiz portraits to la Repubblica delle Donne, which is fantastic!


Written by Borut Peterlin

12 September, 2007 at 00:22

Posted in Photojournalism

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