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New Striptiz portrait Štefka in Poldka

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Here is a new Striptiz portrait. Štefka in Poldka are characters of actors Urša (on the left) and Alenka Marinič. In their act they are craving for Vili Resnik as an Alfa male. They printed Vili’s picture and we tried to invole Vili in the picture, but it didn’t work. I borrowed an old computer from Monitor editorial office and then cover it with mud and cow shit. Then I trowed it in a garbage (for recycling). Here are few more shoots. We got electrocuted by electric cow fence two times. Štefka and Poldka will have shows on 19th and 20th of October in KUD FP.

Camera Information
Model: Canon EOS 5D ISO Speed: 100
Date: 2007:10:01 14:33:08 Aperture: 10.0
Quality: Focal lenght: 20 mm
Flash: 750 Ws with softbox Exposure prgm: Manual
Light source: Exposure: 1/100 Sec
Štefka in Poldka_mg_7812_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_7851_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_7839_borut_peterlin.jpg_mg_7882_borut_peterlin.jpg

Written by Borut Peterlin

1 October, 2007 at 22:16

15 Responses

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  1. No comments?

    Feel free to say that you don’t like the picture and by that please point out the thing that you don’t like.
    Thank you,


    4 October, 2007 at 07:47

  2. There is no pornography and I think that doesn’t help. Personally when I look at these images I want to see some sort of hardcore peverted anal sex with this pair, or some fisting. Don’t you? I mean, hello , this is the 21st century. We’re celebrating Sputnik’s anniversary and here we have a couple with a cow and all they do is grimace in front of the camera. You’re not going to get in Magnum this way buddy.

    Phd, Dr. Postevacek

    4 October, 2007 at 11:00

  3. hm…. Why didn’t I thought on that!
    You’re genius panne Postevacek!
    Back from Kosovo?


    4 October, 2007 at 11:21

  4. I am back, alive and hungry for more. I will post my new work sometime at the end of this month. Send my love to the family. Please give a big hug to Lucka from me. I hope to see you soon again…I wonder if we will have the same haircuts again.

    Phd, Dr. Postevacek

    4 October, 2007 at 12:22

  5. hey, join my network at facebook. Half of fabrica + bjorn + Adi + Maya is there!

    Borut Peterlin

    4 October, 2007 at 13:35

  6. hm I think there are too many disturbing elements in the picture.


    4 October, 2007 at 16:47

  7. hmmm… huh men se pa ne zdi, da bi blo kaj motečih elementov. pa bi povedala, če bi me kaj motilo.

    fotka mi je super, res. zato pa nisem nič napisala.
    čist fajna je B5. 🙂


    4 October, 2007 at 22:01

  8. I also don’t find any disturbing elements. Cows, mud, computer, mouse, field,… Everything goes along with the concept of “treasure hunt” in the cow shit. Even cows are curious what Poldka and Štefka are doing.
    Oh well,… different tastes. Cheers Ciril and Maja.

    PS: Also pane Postevaček your insight in the connotations of the image and the spectrum of possibilities that you’ve opened to all of us are precious beyond the description!


    4 October, 2007 at 23:06

  9. Hey I’ve decided to you use this blog for my own purpose. From now I’ll speaking about my mundane habitual daily patterns. For example I’m off to get more coffee…I’m back. I bought a new coffee machine and I usually prefer the Bialetties but this is quite good. I have electrical heating plates in my flat and a Bialetti would just take too long to heat. Know what I mean? Anyway I’m off to meet a childhood friend for lunch at Bastille. He’s a big dog in Corbis now. I should probably get going. Ciao

    Phd, Dr. Postevacek

    5 October, 2007 at 11:38

  10. maybe i wasnt clear enough.
    there is not enough attention on crazy ladies becuase of cows and village…my eye is jumping from ladies to that village all the time… and disturbing element for me are also those yellow hayforks….

    maybe if you would darken a little upper part of the picture it would help to balance the picture. no offence…just my humble opinion. other than that it is a very crazy and original motive. 😉


    5 October, 2007 at 15:14

  11. Fotka je super, logično nadaljevanje striptiz-a. Ciril ti fotografiraš čisto drugače, te popolnoma razumem. 🙂


    5 October, 2007 at 16:26

  12. Photo is ok in it’s own right but i don’t see it as striptiz picture all that much. Computer doesn’t come across very well and what is left are some farmers, shit and cows. Exactly as it should be. Nothing unexpected here.


    5 October, 2007 at 21:33

  13. The gesture of holding a mouse is strong enough to get the viewer to the computer. Although I do agree it’s not one of my best pictures. I do prefer it then the picture of previous Striptiz portrait.

    Anyhow Oliviero said, if you’re pictures aren’t good enough, make them really big or make them completely blurry. On the exhibition I’ll just make it big, so the computer will get across.
    Cheers for the comments.


    6 October, 2007 at 10:42

  14. Pane POstivaček!

    Let’s make a secret annonymous blog and we’ll build it together. We’ll expressed our humor in the full spectrum.

    How should we named it? A vegetarian loaf?



    6 October, 2007 at 10:45

  15. oh that is a great idea…lets do that. let me think of a few names…vegetarian loaf is a good beginning. off to new york tomorrow…and ciril frankly if you aren’t going to speak about pornography in your comments you might as well not even post a comment. Ridiculous.

    Phd, Dr. Postevacek

    8 October, 2007 at 19:54

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