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Eirik Solheim get’s $4000 USD for his stolen picture! Not bad for a computer geek!

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Eirik Solheim

Eirik Solheim, our main man from Blogres, just got $4000 for his picture that was stolen by some company which name is not worth to mention. Great post, great story and hopefully a good lesson for everybody. Also some of my images got stolen by some magazines and webzines, but since I really didn’t had time fight over that and since I was employed by Mladina I just reported the case to Mladina’s accountent and gave her all the details. Well getting back to the freelance world I’ll definitely fight it over.

Written by Borut Peterlin

6 October, 2007 at 22:03

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  1. Hey, could you elaborate on your stolen photos? AFAIK, most of your photos are watermarked and they stole them anyway and/or removed watermark?


    7 October, 2007 at 22:27

  2. Actually Pozarreport stole a detail from this image

    and some other magazine did too, but we sorted the problem immediately.



    7 October, 2007 at 22:50

  3. Did the remove the pictures? What were the consequences for them?


    8 October, 2007 at 13:39

  4. I don’t know. I never even bother to ask, but I recon they got away with it.


    8 October, 2007 at 20:51

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