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Feedback on reportage story on hunting and eating of dormice

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Two issues ago we published a feature story on hunting and eating of dormouse. I wrote a post about it. In our editorial we received a fierce feedback from our readers. Federation of Slovenian Societies Against Cruelty to Animals even wrote a proposal to Ministry of Enviorement demanding to ban hunting of dormouse. In the letter they are explicitly mentioning our article.

I’m vegetarian for last six years and so is my wife. She can’t understand that I volunteered (I’m picture editor, so I could ask someone else to do it) to take pictures from the hunt. Well, I wanted to have graphic pictures of the whole ritual as it is. My personal opinion is that it’s much more perverted to enjoy in the kill that someone else did and behave like you have nothing to do with it, then to enjoy the kill itself. If you do the kill you get the full spectrum of your actions. If you pay someone to kill for you, you pay him for your clear conscience and you live in a fiction as a more humane human being.

Who is bigger hypocrite Jamie Oliver or Blaž Ogorevc? Or better who’s audience are bigger hypocrits?

I’m really happy with the publication and the result of it. I didn’t save any dormouse, but that was not my intention anyway. Sometimes is better just to show the mirror without any preaching.


Written by Borut Peterlin

14 November, 2007 at 00:01

Posted in Mladina

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