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Martin Parr podcast from Fotopub Festival

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Martin ParrBorut Peterlin with Martin ParrMartin Parr in Krka farmaceutical companyMartin ParrMartin ParrMartin Parr
First three pictures done by Boštjan Pucelj others by B5

I don’t know if I already brag, but I’ve bought a Macbook and I’m really satisfied with it. Especially with ILife package. It includes a package of sftware that allows you to edit photos, mp3, videos and create podcasts, slideshws, videos. It’s very user friendly and it takes only a click to publish your work.
Immediately I decided to create my first podcast and edit an 100 min recording with Martin Parr to less then an hour of most interested content. I learned a GarageBand software with a help of video tutorials but when I wanted to publish I found out that my free storage room is very limited. I-Life convinced me that this is the future so I invested 99EUR for 50 GB of storage at iDisk.
So… I proudly present a podcast of conversation with Martin Parr. A famous Magnum photographer that is probably the most influential contemporary documentary photographer in the world. The conversation was organized by Fotopub.
PS: HERE‘s a link to Parr’s images from Slovenia



Written by Borut Peterlin

5 January, 2008 at 12:59

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