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New Striptiz portrait of authors of TV show “Knjiga mene briga” (book is my concern)

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portrait for Striptiz creative rubric.
Here is new portrait for Striptiz rubric in Mladina weekly. They are authors of rewarded TV show Knjiga mene briga (Book concerns me) on Slovenian national TV.
From left: Tadej Troha, Dražen Dragojević, Tina Košir and Katja Šulc.

I’ll write more about this portrait on Saturday. HERE ARE “the making of” images of Ivan Župič . The main drive for this portrait was in what situation the book will be a matter of life and death. Concerning that church burned a lot of protestant books and burned a lot of people….

I need to catch some beauty sleep, because tomorrow I have a commissioned job for a whole day.

PS: for larger picture click all sizes


Written by Borut Peterlin

31 January, 2008 at 23:14

8 Responses

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  1. 😀


    1 February, 2008 at 00:18

  2. Uuuu I love the idea! But I think a horizontal photo would work better this time…


    1 February, 2008 at 14:08

  3. it is a horizontal frame. You mean vertical? It might be, but I like the open field and the open sky. Think of the crop. You would loose the sky, that add a biblical dimension.



    1 February, 2008 at 15:34

  4. uau i love it.. yp sky was perfect.. gr8 one b5!!


    1 February, 2008 at 17:15

  5. Did you work on composition to be a bit static by purpose at this picture?
    I like light in this one very much and I also admire your passioan for “building together” pictures like this with all books and so on. 🙂


    2 February, 2008 at 12:20

  6. Nice! I just miss a rope that is wrapped around them.. like there is no way they could excape.. thats all.. 🙂


    2 February, 2008 at 14:39

  7. I was wondering, do you had any more blogs?

    navtej kohli

    2 February, 2008 at 14:54

  8. @navtej
    I don’t have any more blogs

    Their hands were tight with chain and their backs were glued with superattack glue. They didn’t had any chance to escape. Nevertheless people don’t believe me that sometimes I glue people with superattack, so rope would be more persuasive. I do exaggerate sometimes, but I keep it low 🙂

    Composition is as I wanted to be. I don’t find it static, but I guess we could discuss forever what that means anyway.

    Borut Peterlin

    2 February, 2008 at 16:49

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