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Back from Cambridge

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080118-6737 Neil Turok
With Tina Košir and professor Alan Macfarlane we made an interview with Neil Turok who is a world renown physician and coauthor of a popular science book “Endless Universe“. I had only few minutes to make a portrait.

He is coathor of alternative explanation of the beginning of universe, stating (by my understanding) that dark matter does not exist and that what is believed to be dark force is just a gravity from different dimension (M-theory). He is close college of Stephen Hawking and if his theory is proven valid, he might be just as famous.

I’m really a fan of popular science and quantum physics. Anyhow this is a small step that really inspired me and I might develop the story on Neil Turok that will lead me to South Africa. We’ll see.

Otherwise I’m really amazed by Cambridge. This is dinning room in King’s College I was surprised by the whole system. How everybody is really working focused. I mean they work hard, but the whole system is fantastically in tuned. From professors, students to the administration. In every step you can feel that this students are chosen and are treated appropriate. Lectures are interesting and looks more like a debate then a professors monologue. In the colleges you can see on every step pictures of Nobel prize winners that used to study here and even I felt that every student could be next Nobel prize winner. By the way. Only Trinity college has more Nobel prize winners than whole France together!

Cambridge is history and since we were guest of fellow Alan Macfarlane we had in depth tour of Cambridge.
This is a room where radio cosmology started by discovering Pulsar stars. Professor Macfarlane is showing Professor Neil Turok a wire by which signal from space arrived for the first time.

They also have silly rules. Like untouchable grass field in front of colleges. Only fellows can walk on the grass. Others can walk only when they are accompanied by a senior fellow.

We walked on the roof of King’s chapel.


Written by Borut Peterlin

23 February, 2008 at 22:38

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  1. Ha, been there in December of last year. I will be there again probably twice this year. Since my company I work for is from there.


    24 February, 2008 at 04:24

  2. ha, small world.

    Borut Peterlin

    24 February, 2008 at 07:40

  3. Well, Turok’s theory is not exactly what you write it is … To be frank, it’s not that at all 🙂 The assumption that dark matter could be just an effect of gravity from the other world, is just a minor and quite unimportant possible (but not at all essential!!!) consequence of taking his cyclic model of the universe seriously. But the basic point is that cyclic model provides an alternative view of big bang, according to which a bing bang is actually a crush of two parallel branes in M-string theory, which happens every trillion years.

    Sorry for being such a patronizing nag again! But … you know .. that’s just me 😉


    24 February, 2008 at 20:09

  4. thank you tina!
    I didn’t want to write much about his theory because I’m still reading the book, so I wrote only two sentences.

    Alternative explanation of the beginning of universe is the same as alternative explanation of big bang isn’t?

    And you might be right that the gravity force from different worlds is not essential part of his theory, but I thought that this is crucial part of alternative against prevailing theory of inflationary model of universe that consist with visible matter, dark matter, dark energy and inflationary energy. By my understanding his alternative explanation wipes out three out of four elements that supposedly are forming universe.

    As I said I’m in the beginning of the book, but already that is fantastically bold alternative.

    Thank you for your correction and sorry to contradict after reading just few pages, but you know…. I’m fighter 😉

    Borut Peterlin

    24 February, 2008 at 22:51

  5. eh, vidva.
    vesolje, to sem jaz
    …je pa teorija gregorja strniše 😉


    27 February, 2008 at 00:03

  6. Ej, gregor! Škoda, da se nisva spoznala v Cambridgu. Vedno sem se spraševal kako izgleda vesolje 🙂

    V bistvu mi je ta temna masa in temna energija vedno bila sumljiva, še posebej, ker je pred Einsteinom veljalo, da je vesolje naponjeno z etrom, snovi brez lastnosti, dokler ni on “pogruntal” fotone. potem pa stoletje kasneje spet temna masa, snov brez vseh lastnosti.

    Skratka najbolj, da grem spat, sicer bom spet not padu!

    Borut Peterlin

    27 February, 2008 at 00:55

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