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Peace and goodness?

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Today I was in Castle Bogenšperk where association Gibanje za pravičnost in razvoj (who’s Janez Drnovšek was a founder) planted a tree in his memory.

On the event people were reading his thoughts and also his last letter where he is summing up that every human being should strive for peace and goodness.

It took me very long to to write something on the spirituality of Janez D. and since I try to keep this blog focused on photography I almost didn’t touch the subject, but on the end the thougt doesn’t go away, so I’ll let it go in this post.
Spirituality always played an important role in my everyday life. I read so many books, talked with so many people from different religions and tried so many techniques, but nevertheless I’ not a member of any religious or spiritual group, because I’m heretic also to them.

Should we strive for good? To act in the name of good? Think what this really mean? And then think of really evil person like Hitler and ask yourself why did he do all those atrocities? He thought in his extremely perverted mind that he is doing GOOD! We do such a horrible things to ourselves and the planet in the name of GOOD. Think why does a Palestinian women blow up a bus full of Israelis and think why does a Israeli pilot fire a missile on a Palestinian refugee camp? Do you think suicide terrorists who crashed in twin towers thought they are doing evil? Slovenian proverb says the way to hell is paved by good intentions.

GOOD is superior meme that I’m avoiding as a plague. The word good along side with it’s personification God is the most abused word ever. It’s a weapon word of mass destruction.

As every person also I’m craving for peace and I found it in a highly unusual place. Meditation is right step to awareness. But again I find so many people who are doing meditation for decades and they were telling me all sorts of fantastic stuff. I believe them. I believe they experienced higher levels of consciousness, but if that is not noticed in their everyday life it’s probably just a waste of time. I know a person who is doing Joga forever and listen every lecture and read every book, but still is he/she is highly intolerant and a racist, believing that Romas are inferior race, etc. I told him/her that one illiterate Roma could teach him/her more then all gurus of the world, but he/she took that as a joke.

In my craving for peace I didn’t decide to be isolated from the rest of the world like a monk, so logically I need to find a peace while interacting with the world.

Once Oliviero Toscani said that death is the most creative force. And it’s true if there was no Darwin’s law of the competition, the highest form of intelligence on earth would be squid. When my daughters were born I understood with whole body and mind what evolution is, so when I work, compete, stress out I can feel I’m part of a process of evolution that is in action forever. I’m grateful to experience it from first hand. I learn from illiteral Romas, from rich people, from stressful work, from peaceful morning, from meditation, from my daughters, from family, from martial art, I learn tolerance from my intolerant friend,… I prefer water from the spring then bottled water.

I learned that real peace is not static, in tranquility of meditation, but it’s dynamic, made out of noise. If you hear peace in the most stressful situation, you will hear it also during meditation. I’m far from that level, but I’m searching for peace in the noisiest places and situations I can find.

I believe in quantum physics and if you believe in that, you know the world is not flat.


Written by Borut Peterlin

3 March, 2008 at 01:03

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