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Trkaj portrait

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Trkaj raper 20080304_8383
Trkaj is a musician and a raper. He is very unusual raper that studies theology and he also very successful as an author of lyrics for pop groups like Turbo Angels. Very clever kid.

I was commissioned to do a portrait of him working with journalist Deja Crnovič on an interview. It didn’t started very well. It was raining / snowing and I didn’t want to do a portrait in a bar where we’ve met. I scouted around the bar in Trnovo and noticed few trash containers, that looked very neat. NO. No containers, he said.
OK, no problem I said. Let’s make a another frame. We took a chair from the office nearby and I put it on the middle of the street in front of the bar. It was quite cold and Trkaj had just his jumper on and before I took a first test shot he already asked if we’re going to finish soon. After first two or three shots I showed him the result and he really liked it. I continued working really fast and after few more shots I was satisfied and I wanted to stop, but Trkaj got into the mood, so we continued. On the end we were both very pleased with the result.

I read the interview published in Mladina and I think it’s really good. Especially I like that also his lyrics of one of the songs is published beside the interview. Great lyrics.

Technically it’s simple. 15 sec of exposure, car with headlights in the back, studio flash light with softbox above and with detached flash I illuminated ground under the chair during that 15 secund of exposure.


PS: Also Ciril Jazbec did really good portrait of Trkaj.


Written by Borut Peterlin

9 March, 2008 at 14:05

11 Responses

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  1. aloha! Hjam, men se pa tale Trkaj ne zdi ravno max cool… Zgleda kot, da bi recikliral kake 3 stare striptize in iz vsakega potegnil nekaj… Dve žlički Crnkoviča, pa ščepec Štegerja…. Razvadil si nas s podzemlji, pa letečimi zadevami, lučkami na 1000 in 1 način..zdej pa maš bomo mal pritoževal, da hočmo več! 😉


    9 March, 2008 at 16:01

  2. Uf Matjaž.. samo give guy a break.. itak tole ni striptiz!!! je blo samo za portret k intervjuju!!! večina fotografov samo pride na pogovor za 5 minut in naredi kao portret.. tko da B5 še vedno rula in se ne smemo pritoževat, ane. pa še snežilo in deževalo je..


    9 March, 2008 at 17:55

  3. Aaaaaa..ok ok ok… I that case… Super navaden portret na striptiz style!? 🙂


    9 March, 2008 at 19:40

  4. kaj čm rečt… Bom vzel tvoje pritoževanje kot kompliment, ker očitno je nek skupni imenovalec med njimi in na to si pozabil! Ščepec Peterlina!

    Slog v portretiranju je zajebano razvit in zato jemljem tvoje pritoževanje kot kompliment.

    Tu sta Crnkovič in Šteger. Imam čisto vest.

    Moral bi videti kako šele dobro izgleda v Mladini z intervjujem in Trkajevim textom.

    Borut Peterlin

    9 March, 2008 at 21:02

  5. I know that You probably have to do some preparation (journalistic one) for Your Striptiz portraits, but what about the others. For example, what about this one. I know, You wrote down technical info, but can You tell me why the street, why that meditative pose? Is it by accident or something else? Thank You.
    P.S. I saw on some other web site, that Your Striptiz series exibition will travel around Europe and also former Yugoslavia. Is there any chance to come in Banja Luka or maybe in Prijedor. I’m from Prijedor (Republika Srpska, BiH), so maybe, if You like, I can help You to organize it here or if You need some information about galleries.

    Igor Motl

    10 March, 2008 at 01:10

  6. YES! Help me out organizing and we’ll do it! It’s very likely that I’ll go to BiH for assignment and I’ll stop by.

    send me your contacts to

    I’ll comment the picture later.

    Borut Peterlin

    10 March, 2008 at 06:52

  7. Res ni tisti striptiz portret a meni je blazno všeč. Sploh osveltitev.

    Lp, Jošt

    Jošt F.

    10 March, 2008 at 07:15

  8. @ Igor
    Concerning the decision of connotation of the portrait. I’m a photojournalist, which basically mean I need to produce a lot of images in a short period of time.

    If I have time I do try to think of the concept in advance, but without too many details. Some people sketch their images before they take them. It never worked for me. Even when I had really good concept I realized on the spot that it doesn’t work. Sometimes person being portraited don’t like the idea. Sometimes surrounding have a completely different feel. Sometimes you can see only in the frame, that the idea sounds good, but it does not look good. You have to decide on the spot.

    For this portrait I made several pictures and after I figure out the composition & lightning, I left the “stage” to our main man and he made several positions. I was just observing and encourage the directions that looked better. For instance his idea was to sit with legs crossed and I saw it looks better that way. Some typical rap postures didn’t work so well, but his arms stretched looked very good. That was also his idea. I asked him to move his face, so it’s evenly illuminated by flash.

    So basically I build the image as we go. Decisive moment is not a myth. decisive moment is every moment!

    An hour after I’ve done this portrait, I made Boris Petkovič portrait and for that I did a lot of preparations. But Petkovič’s portrait was done in I reckon 5 min from the first test shot.


    Borut Peterlin

    10 March, 2008 at 09:12

  9. Ker se ne oglašaš po telefonu, ti pišem na email. Sporoči , če je potrebno Skeru dati kaj tablet.


    11 March, 2008 at 07:23

  10. 🙂

    Borut Peterlin

    11 March, 2008 at 09:27

  11. Tako. Zdaj je pa jasno, kako je Borut zaposlen 🙂 🙂 🙂


    11 March, 2008 at 20:12

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