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Severa Gjurin, a singer

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Severa Gjurin is a singer and I photograph her for a Striptiz project. Before I made this portrait some friends approached me and said all excited that Severa is for sure the most IN singer in Slovenia. One friend, a photographer said that she is soooo hot, that he would like to trade his picture for my portrait of her. No problem I said, but I didn’t made my picture yet. When I show him, he was horrified! Maybe even a bit mad on me to make such a horrifying picture with such a beautiful girl. Well, as Rudi Carel would say “Laß sich überaschung” or something like that.

The concept for this picture was a dream like picture of Severa from underwater. She is also self taught sculpture maker, so I asked her to bring some of her sculptures and I really liked the hand. We were shooting in Atlantis. I made few shots under the surface of water, but then I asked her to do some portraits under the water. It didn’t work, because pool water is too aggressive for her eyes, so it didn’t work inspite Severa’s effort.

For this portrait I bought Ewa Marine underwater case for 300 EUR and I asked Klemen Ilovar to assist me with studio flashes. Unfortunately radio trigger didn’t work under water of 1 meter depth, so I was doomed to failure. I asked humbly Severa if we could repeat the portrait in the afternoon somewhere in the nature and she was up for it. Later when I was checking my images I was completely desperate, then I saw this picture above. I thought it was great, but I was afraid to show it to Severa. She liked it even more. She said she is sick of the image of cute singer and she is happy to see her from new angle.

Oh yes,… I’m publishing also some other pictures of her that we took a week early just for a test, but it started to rain.

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  1. Uau, krasna pesem in videospot…

    Pa tud fotka je super. Verjamem, da ji je všeč 🙂


    19 July, 2008 at 23:21

  2. […] predstavitvijo spota Mlade oči, ki ga je v izvirniku pela Ditka Haberl . Pesmica, ki jo sedaj poje Severa Gjurin je precej nalezljiva in hudo poslušljiva. Ampak mene “muči” nekaj drugega. Čemu je […]

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