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I’m commisioned by The Observer!!!

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Ciao guys!

I need to leave Fotopub Festival and go to Bosnia, because I got a commissioned by The Observer. I’m off in the early morning and I’m back on Sunday. I hope to find some time to blog


Written by Borut Peterlin

25 July, 2008 at 00:44

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  1. Congrats!

    And JC, the main chefur kicked all the asses on thursday award (event based in future russian land slovenia). Now, when you are rich (4 number price, we are still in slovenia, but the number would be bigger in dinars) you really should come and visit Fotopub next year

    great work man


    27 July, 2008 at 12:44

  2. Hvala Marko and thank you to all the little people of Slavonia (midgets and dwarves). I want to take this time, while at the top, to remember all Cefurs, past and present, long live CEFURIA! And Marko when I win Nikon monday through friday prizes as well I shall come out of exile and return to Fotopub.


    27 July, 2008 at 17:31

  3. JC was a mentor on Fotopub 2001 – 2003 and a mentor on Sniff festival at 2004. The message to be remembered at Fotopub he learned photography if not geography!

    I’ll do my best to upload JC’s winning movie of Thursday Nikon Award in the following days.


    Borut Peterlin

    27 July, 2008 at 21:57

  4. Sadly I wasn’t in Fotopub nor sniff in 2004 after being fired in 2003. Back in the early 2000s when Slovenia was merely a province of Belorus you could smoke in bars, steal cars, and have a Burek at the same place! Those were the golden years, the woodstock of Fotopub if you will, before it became a household name such as Vulpinari or Karadzic.

    Think about it I mean people still used films back then! The students had to wait a day or so before they could view their art and change the world.

    We grow old so fast so my advice have the appropriate haircut.


    27 July, 2008 at 22:36

  5. You’re da best Slavonian Čefur man!

    Borut Peterlin

    27 July, 2008 at 22:43

  6. I’ll take my Zorki with me next year, to fell more rock’n’roll X)


    27 July, 2008 at 23:31

  7. J.C.’s secret is that he uses Leica M6, Tri-x and lens 35mm f 1/1,4, but then he send it through Georgian’s customs with super cooper X ray device and awards for special aesthetic accomplishments can’t miss!

    Borut Peterlin

    28 July, 2008 at 00:09

  8. Slavonia forever in my srdc piiiizda. I am never far away from you…my flaw is my strength…I am loyal and nostalgic. I never forget and forever pay tribute. It seems like yesterday that a certain scorpion taught me how to print. I must say that once upon a time that man said to one of our teachers ” All I care about is photography and my friend Jean-Christophe”…sure it was meant in the moment but as I’ve said: I never forget.


    28 July, 2008 at 00:35

  9. My real secret is that I don’t use my 35mm anymore…I use an old beat up 50mm lens from the old country ( france ) and I don’t use a light metre as mine is dead and I have never fixed it. Some images shown were ruined by x-rays but they are a selection and a small one from the 40% destroyed. So it goes…but the beauty of mistakes is that they are original and only I can make so many of them.


    28 July, 2008 at 01:00

  10. Yes indeed my Czechish friend. I don’t know why Famu didn’t dig that. I know why O.V. didn’t like it, but what can we do.

    I guess Ftopub is a trend setter 🙂

    Borut Peterlin

    28 July, 2008 at 06:58

  11. Congrats B5! so happy 4 u! cheers, m


    28 July, 2008 at 17:03

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