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Kindle: Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device
A month ago I made a bet that Mladina will be off print in a 15 years and then I corrected myself to 25 years. Maybe I made a correct judgment for Mladina weekly, but I am surely not going to wait even five years before discarding paper magazines. Amazon’s Kindle sounds the future.

GETDROPBOX is a new concept of using Internet for backing up, synchronizing different computers, sharing files among friends, a new method of collaborating on a project, THE FUTURE,… I’m using it and all I can say, it works and it’s really fantastic!!! It’s in it’s beta state, so ask to join in…

Free music for podcasts, projections, etc..

If you are interested in Creative Commons, this is really interesting video.

Are you interested in selling Stock photography? Then you are interested in ProStockMaster!

Interesting in buying stock photography? Then you are interested in Excavator. A sort of portal that goes through hundreds of stock sites and offers you suggestions.

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9 August, 2008 at 11:16

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