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Grimmski is a new excelent music band from Ljubljana

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grimmski 20080804_2990 foto Borut peterlin
Mladina weeklyis a sponsor of Lent festival and they have a stage Mladina, where new fresh bands are introducing themselves. So every year I get this commissions from our marketing department to do portraits of those bands for Striptiz rubric. First two years I was trying hard to explain that Striptiz rubric is really not a place for that kind of introductions and even more against of my concept of reinterpreting PR image of person being portrayed, but it was a waste of time. So now I just do the portrait as another PR image and save some energy.

What I want to say is that the first time I encountered an unknown band that is really cool. I love their music and I’m sure they will be big, really big. Check GRIMMSKI and their myspace site. I love it, but it grew to me only when I listen it in my car and home stereo. Deep bass is necessary to hear. Their album Random Savior is available for free download from their site.

PS: Actually Striptiz rubric is a good place for unknown bands, just I get frustrated because I can not fit them in my concept of Striptiz portraits (my fault) and then I get allergy when I start to read really boring PR text about how many albums they recorded and how long they are playing and then I collapse when I try to read a supereclecticmultiethnicelectronicturborockskunkpankgrungediscoboogie that should present the kind of music they play. I solve that by not reading Striptiz text that is written by bands, but I just listen the music. I didn’t read what Grimmski wrote, but I did listen their record about 38 times.

And I made a mistake, marketing just supplied me with contacts and editorial decision was made beforehand. I don’t find that an important information, but I guess we are all paranoid that marketing is governing our lives.What a ridicules thought!


Written by Borut Peterlin

11 August, 2008 at 21:37

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