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Striptiz portrait ZVVIKS animation group

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Striptiz, creative portrait rubric of Mladina weekly.
ZVVIKS are really good animation crew from Ljubljana. Their motor is Kolja Saksida (lying, left side). I improvised this portrait. I had different group scheduled for more then a week, but then on the day of the shoot they canceled. Since I’m preparing to go for a vacation I had to do a portrait so I called few creative people who know creative people and would be ready for a portrait ASAP, so their name came across. They showed me the scenography that they work on and I was really impressed! They are good. Really good. I didn’t want to shoot inside and the scenography is really fragile so I decided to take few small pieces and make another scenography by myself. We were in Tobačna and I noticed that wall and that barb wire. Sice last week I was in Četnik’s concentration camp Omarska of course that caught my attention. So I build a picture so you would wonder what the f… is this place with barb wire, CCTV and wall. Interpretations are numerous and that’s why I like this picture.


Written by Borut Peterlin

15 August, 2008 at 18:07

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