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Fotoblog from phototabor Autmn in Kostanjevica

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kostanjevica 20081005_9027Traditional and modern fishing in Kostanjevica, Slovenia 20081005_8939Jani Zakšek 20081005_8963pastir z Gorjancev 20081005_9211Ladrover goes everywehre 20081005_9245picknick at Gorjanci above Kostanjevica 20081005_9260picnic at Gorjanci above Kostanjevica 20081005_926220081005_9310a rare scene Uroš Abram, student of photography at Famu, with a CAMERA!!! 20081005_9326from left Hrvoje Oršanič, Jani Zakšek, Jelenič, Goran Rovan. A toast in Jelenič vineyard house. 20081005_9343Jelenič's wine celler from Dolenjska region, Slovenia 20081005_9338Goran Rovan, raziskovalni novinar 20081005_9394Fotografski tabor Jesen v Kostanjevici. 20081005_9391

Written by Borut Peterlin

11 October, 2008 at 12:24

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