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Portrait of Duško Praštalo, alternative healer

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Duško Praštalo 20081010_9718 foto
For next issue of Mladina we will do a portrait of Duško Praštalo, an alternative healer with bioenergy. He was the only alternative healer, that effected journalist Jure Aleksič. Jure did all sort of stories on alternative methods including regression and he never experienced anything unusual. Actually he was very critical on all the alternative healing, except on Dušan Praštalo. He told me that he is the first guy who was influencing him on a distance.

Anyway I know little bit about hypnosis and what I saw is very similar to that. Nevertheless I believe in quantum mechanics and by their definition material (or solid) world is made out of 99,99 % of nothing and consciousness plays a crucial role in how subatomic particles are behaving or with other words consciousness plays crucial role how material world is manifesting. Anyhow I believe in bioenery or Chi or Prana or however do you want to call it. I have a personal experience, but I don’t have any need to explain or convince anyone.

For this picture I wanted to focus on his hands, so I illuminated his hands from back and his face with flash with lightbox from aside.


Written by Borut Peterlin

12 October, 2008 at 21:59

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