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Damon Winter is a huge inspiration!

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By coincidence I dived into press pictures from Obama elections. My favorite blog is where they collect best images from different winds, so when I saw a blog from Denverpost I was sure those amazing pictures are also a collection from many agencies, but no! It’s a work of one photographer, Damon Winter! Amazing! He works for New York Times and HERE are more his excellent images.

His site is not his best side and I thought this must be different photographer, but then I realized he is active in really many fields.
HERE is an audio slideshow.
via Naskern.

For me he is great inspiration because his work is so diverse. I’m frustrated again and again because my work is so diversed and I should focus, but then I see a work by somebody that is working as photojournalist in Afganistan, photographing Obama and on other hand making artistic double exposures with large format camera. Far out! I thought I need to focus and abandon so many fields of photography that I enjoy, but now I found somebody that is doing great.


Written by Borut Peterlin

9 November, 2008 at 22:14

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