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Bojan Radovič – requestioning photography

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Bojan Radovič is one of the most interesting contemporary photographers in Slovenia. Yesterday there was an opening in Simulaker Gallery. With his work he is constantly requestioning photography as a medium. My favorite work of his is a wall on which a picture was hanging for decade or more. After this long period a trace of picture frame was left after the picture was taken away. It is a primitive light print or photo-graph isn’t.

I decided to do a podcast about the exhibition. I’m quite satisfied with the first try although I did many silly mistakes. Anyhow I want to do more podcasts like that. Perhaps Mladina will be interested in collaborating with that.
bojan radovič with his work TIME BOX behind 20081223_042820081223_043420081223_043320081223_043620081223_041820081223_041520081223_041020081223_041420081223_031420081223_032820081223_036020081223_0282


Written by Borut Peterlin

24 December, 2008 at 11:00

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