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WORLD PRESS PHOTO deadline is 15/01/2009. By this date imgese should already be in Amsterdam.If you intend to send images by Internet, then you need to apply for username and password until Friday 9th!

Days Japan has also a great competition open. Images have to be in Tokyo until January 15th!

Model Release Forms – Getty made a watertight model release form for stock photography available for all photographers in 11 languages. (via NickonkenShoptalk)

MAGNUM Blog / comparing paintings with photographs
I learned so much from painting. It’s a true inspiration! I even made few pictures as homage to Jackson Pollock.

Talking about Jackson Pollock, Seth Godin mentioned him in his post about good artists. I consider myself good and I’m not sure if that is a problem? I will get better, no doubts about it! That surely is a problem!

Galleries are really helpful in self education. Leslie Burns-dell-Acqua has some more very useful tips.

One of my favorite gallery in Slovenia is not one of posh big galleries, but is Galerija Samorastniki in Trebnje. I adore their permanent collection of naive art!

Lunatic is a new on-line magazine on contemporary photojournalism.

HERE is a link to the last issue of YVI magazine, if you missed it like I did.

During holidays I visited and my favorite advertisements Wanted Creativity THIS add is fantastic!!!

I love the way Chase Jarvis is organizing his workshop. A true inspiration for our Fotopub Festival.

Great video on the making of Obama’s logo. (via Nickonken)

I’m looking forward of new working week! One of my secrets is that I boost my ego or determination that I7ll do it in the best way possible. ZEN HABITS blog have great dopings for your confidence!

Last but not least check this bird that is impersonating camera shutter! Attenborough: Life of Birds: Lyre Bird


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4 January, 2009 at 21:45

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  1. great research man…very useful information indeed! aren’t we meeting for lunch? i’m hungry and a bit sick.


    5 January, 2009 at 15:30

  2. Čef,
    I grabed a snack today. No time for more. On Thursday I’m working on a story from 8am and on Wednesday I’m closing editorial until midnight. I’m plannning to stay at your place on Wednesday. OK?


    5 January, 2009 at 17:29

  3. Great stuff, thanks for the link to Magnum blog/ comparing paintings with photographs! During my studies at the Accademia di belle arti Florence I made a similar project for my photography class. Besides Jackson Pollock I included other artists from the action painting movement, it was mostly shots of thick forest, slight shake, lots of light coming through, amazing how similar it looked to Pollocks’ things, you could practicaly put photos on top of paintings… Great blog by the way, I really appreciate the technical info!


    6 January, 2009 at 10:05

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