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Photo of the day Minister Zalar and Drago Kos

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ales zalar and drago kos foto Borut peterlin 20090112_1274
This is a picture from today’s photo-term from a meetig of Minister Zalar and president of anti-corruption commission Drago Kos. I love this picture because it show some relation human between two important public figures. Actually Drago Kos and his Commission for a prevention of corruption was already sign away by last government of Janez Janša and now this commission is regaining strength under new government, so Minister Zalar is supporting the commission, but nevertheless I love this picture for two reasons.
Because in the future there will surely be an issue around Kos’s commission, as always was, so this will be lovely image to illustrate the topic. It could be interpreted in many ways.
Second because it’s really difficult to take a picture that is more then a merely handshake of two politicians. Likt today’s phototerm was exactly 52 seconds and this picture was made out of nothing. I always imagine myself playing a basketball when I jump and other player are blocking my shot and in the middle of this chaos you must throw the ball precisely, gently. Press conferences are similar game. Crowded room with cameramans, photographers, journalists and everybody is stressed out, PR personnel is dragging you out of the room and if you don’t move immediately bodyguards enjoy so much to step in front of your lens. That kind of picture I call three points in last quarter of a second.
Picture 1Picture 2
ales zalar in barbara brezigar foto borut peterlin 20081126_6529
This is a picture out from the archive, but again picture full of connotations made out of nothing. The event was that Barbara Brezigar took a seat. But one of the connotations is that Aleš Zalar is a Minister of justice (LDS) and Barbara Brezigar is very pro SDS (right wing), so the caption was, Barbara Brezigar in an uncomfortable position after newly elected Minister of Justice Ales Zalar came to power.


Written by Borut Peterlin

12 January, 2009 at 18:56

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