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Prime minister Borut Pahor interview in Mladina 12/2009

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In this issue of Mladina we have an interview with Prime minister Borut Pahor. I’ll remember this interview very well. First of all we were late. I mean I was 10 min early, but journalists were late so I didn’t had any time to set the lights or adjust the set in my advantage. I could ask Prime Minister Pahor to seat on the opposite seat then usually Prime Ministers are seating so I had skyline of Ljubljana in the background. While interview was in progress I was setting my lights and walking behind Prime Minister’s back dozen times.
Borut Pahor_Jure trampuš in Grega Repovz 20090325_4333_Borut Pahor_Jure trampuš in Grega Repovz From this image you can see how much maneuvering space I had around Prime Minister. Anyhow after I set everything I shot two images and then flash started to beep really loudly. I turned it off and on again, but it was still beeping. Two seconds later smoke started to come out of flash and I turned it off and plug the cable out and turned away my face questioning what will happen. All crazy scenarios went through my head from what I will do if the flash will burst in flame to the association if it’ll explode I’ll be next Gavrilo Princip 🙂
Luckily journalist and editor in chief Grega Repovž was lauching his heavy questions and with Prime Minister they didn’t notice a thing, not even strange smell of burning plastic. Journalist Jure Trampuš did noticed a smoke and observed the situation with expression of concern while trying hard not to burst in laughter.

After I exchanged the flash head I finish the interview photo-shoot with only one flash. When Prime Minister was in discussion with Jure Trampuš I asked Gregor Repovž to seat on the right seat, so Prime Minister was looking toward right side. As a picture-editor I know the picture looks so much better in the magazine if the person portrayed is looking toward text on the right page. I was very satisfied with the result. Here are two more images.


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  1. Ko zna šta bi u Wikipediji o tebi pisalo. 🙂 Za neke bi bio terorista, a za neke oslobodilac. :):)
    Na svu sreću fotke su, Pahor je tu (osim na poslednjoj na kojoj se jasno vidi trag njegovog prisustva :)) Jedina žrtva ovog tvog shootinga je flash.


    30 March, 2009 at 10:17

  2. Dober, je tale Pahor, hvaležen model za fotkanje.


    30 March, 2009 at 13:53

  3. Huhu dobr poznam te fore, ki jih opisuješ. Sam fak…da se ti pa začne iz fleša kadit, ko fotkaš Pahorja….šit ej!! 🙂


    30 March, 2009 at 16:12

  4. desno spodaj je stol od Captain James T. Kirka?


    25 April, 2009 at 13:27

  5. ja, za to fotko stola sem prejel kar nekaj ovacij 🙂
    Stoječih ovacij, seveda
    ha, ha…


    25 April, 2009 at 15:38

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