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Striptiz creative portrait of actresses Teja Reba and Leja Jurišić

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Teja Reba and Leja Jurišić 20100112_1968

Teja Reba (infront) and Leja Jurišić are actresses that were performing in theater performance Med nama (Between us) in Stara Elektrarna theater, Ljubljana. New shows are scheduled for 3. & 4.2.2010 at 20.00.

Picture was made for Mladina weekly for a Striptiz rubric (more far out portraits HERE)

The idea for the picture comes from press material that I could read and I wanted to make a picture about dominance, control, harsh, but still female kind of picture. Sure erotic, but can you imagine the posture of man and women like that? hm… now I realized that the picture would work if man would be in front and female would be “hugging” him. Anyway in this case the picture works because there are two women and because of that the portrait can be harsher, more direct, less discreet, more brutal. My first intention was to retouch background out, but when I’ve set colors, I liked the pipes and door. It makes it even harsher, then it would be completely clean – studio like.

PS: Dear readers od my blog,
lately I don’t find enough time to write blog. Reasons are many. THe construction of our house is going really well, I’m finishing with teaching at Sežana faculty for photography for this year, working for Mladina, but also for a lot of corporate clients. Last, but not least I discovered that the quality of my life increase dramatically if I have enough sleep, so I’m not burning midnight oil for this blog. No doubt, I’ll keep on blogging, but I must admit I prefer Muay Thai and chess.


16 Responses

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  1. I think you should just get rid of this blog because as the quality of your life may get richer the quality of this blog will suffer the consequences. It’s ok. You’ve had a good run! You started out at fake $25k value and maybe you should quit while you’re ahead.

    Iztor, Igor, Leopard man…they’re all your friends now but if this continues they may turn on you. It’s a classic situation. My friend go play chess and do your Guay Thai with your other Gauy Thai friends. No one is judging you! We all want you to be happy!


    27 January, 2010 at 11:05

  2. By the way is she pregnant? I’m confused.


    27 January, 2010 at 11:07

  3. Very nice work Borut. Way to go! I love their expressions and background with pipes. Maybe I would get rid of that door on the left…but yes it might look too much “studio” style.


    27 January, 2010 at 12:01

  4. I like that harsh concept and raw eroticism, but i don’t understand color of Leja’s arms. It looks good and odd and makes me think about that photo even if I don’t look at it.

    By the way is she pregnant? I’m confused too. 🙂

    Igor Petrovic

    27 January, 2010 at 12:38

  5. Yes, she is in her 5th month of pregnancy.

    Purple hands are one more distracting element that happened because of messing up with vibrance/saturation tools. I already corrected, but then I left it as it is, because it’s very disturbing indeed. Not erotic at all, but it’s not meant to be erotic anyway.

    I had doubt’s about the door as well, but i left it because it sort of balance the pipes.

    Borut Peterlin

    27 January, 2010 at 13:53

  6. Does she was or shave? I’m confused.


    27 January, 2010 at 14:34

  7. I’m sorry for the typo: does she wax or shave?


    27 January, 2010 at 14:36

  8. Purple hands all around
    Don’t know if I’m comin’ up or down…


    It’s good you left ut as it is.

    Igor Petrovic

    27 January, 2010 at 14:47

  9. yes, its definitely better with the background like this! thats why i like it so much. it has so many stories suddenly, if you would clean it it would have much less….
    i dont know why but their faces also look like they just woke up… many really interesting details. very nice work!


    27 January, 2010 at 18:13

  10. To me it is erotic, but who knows? Hey JC do you think I’m sick ’cause I’m Bosnian dude who likes nude?

    I don’t care about background and it doesn’t disturb me at all. The thing I like the most is that blonde girl is look like she is part of Teja’s body, like her inner self and with her devilish pink hands on pregnant girl body. It has some controversies but with personal view and explanations.

    Igor Motl

    27 January, 2010 at 23:56

  11. Igor, Thank for directing your question at me. I treasure our conversations. First of all I don’t think that you’re sick because you like nude pictures….of course it really all depends on the content of the nude images but a couple of Slovene chicks posing for mladina certainly doesn’t earn you a trip to the psychiatric ward.

    Would you say this is Borut Peterlin’s peak as a photographer or will you astonished again?


    28 January, 2010 at 18:46

  12. Hello Borut! Really a great work! Fantastic picture. I loved this posting. Congratulations and have a nice week.

    David Santos – Portugal

    David Santos

    30 January, 2010 at 22:57

  13. Thank you David, JC & CJ, Igor & Igor

    Borut Peterlin

    31 January, 2010 at 23:44

  14. hej sweaty darling jc

    come and see the show. maybe then you will stop calling us “a couple of Slovene chicks”, hihi.
    with all the respect

    leja jurisic

    2 February, 2010 at 02:37

  15. tank you


    21 March, 2010 at 10:13

  16. Amazing art!


    31 May, 2011 at 07:51

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