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Janja Majzelj – New Striptiz creative portrait

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Janja Majzelj, an actress was portrayed for Mladina weekly – Striptiz rubric. The assignment was in the contest of her theater performance “Chrysanthemum on Grand Piano” in Mladinsko gledališče. My first association was fantastic portrait of Stravinsky behind grand piano by Arnold Newman. I had a few scenarios that didn’t work out. First of all there is a grand piano in Mladinsko gledališče, but it was in a storage, unaccessible. We had to use a small piano. I was trying to get a chrysanthemum, but I couldn’t get a fresh flower and I wasn’t impressed by artificial chrysanthemum. On the end I decided to build a picture around a reflection on small piano.

I used a two studio flashes. One behind a piano, facing a wall and second one with a honeycomb grid, that focus the light.


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  1. The picture is awesome.
    very expressive


    3 April, 2010 at 03:37

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