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New Striptiz portrait – Alenka Sottler, an illustrator

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Alenka Sottler, an illustrator by 20100524_2036

Alenka Sottler, an illustrator is next in a series of portraits for Mladina’s Striptiz rubric. She is amazing illustrator. Check what kind of technique she’s using! I took a macro shot of one of her illustrations, so here you go and figure it out. Very impressive. She won numerous awards throughout the world. Her illustrations of Cinderella are exhibited in Mestna Galerija until 25.6.2010.

Lately I’m over flooded with work and from editorial I usually get a contact of a person a day or two before the shoot, so as many times also this time I arrived to her studio without a concept. Further more in that week it was the second portrait of illustrator in a row, so that doesn’t make it easier to think about a concept.

I arrived to her studio under a time pressure, but nowadays I got used to it, so I’m not very stressed about it, and I didn’t had a clear concept, I just wanted to make a picture where two dimensional world would merge with three dimensional (in a 2D photography :-).
It’s amazing how mind works, but looking around the studio, observing illustrations, books, staircase, furniture, every sight it just doesn’t feels right, but then there it is a table “shining” in the middle of the room. That sight felt good! I got a concept. The result is above. I used mainly an ambient light and added a bit flash light through a soft-box on her face. Then she took a picture also from her perspective ha, ha…


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  1. Bravo!

    kinky tone

    3 June, 2010 at 12:31

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