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My final photograph

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On Sunday I was photographing a memorial ceremonial mass in Kočevski rog where in year 1945 there was without a trial a mass execution of collaborators and also many innocent people. On the way there I passed a place where my friend crashed his car into a tree and died and since I was driving through Kočevski rog forest roads the thought of death lingered back in my mind. On the road I noticed a sculpture by unknown artist and I took a picture of it (above) and then I was at ease, because this is a really great picture to finish a life of photographer, isn’t. Much cooler then Cappa’s final picture.


7 Responses

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  1. Is that a penis? WTF.


    7 July, 2010 at 14:38

  2. well, it’s queue, but I can sense your question refers more on what is reality and what does photography got to do with it.

    Borut Peterlin

    7 July, 2010 at 14:51

  3. Well if it was the last photo you took in your career it would say a lot about living a photo-journalists life.

    But is it really your final shot?! For real…

    Hope not



    7 July, 2010 at 16:46

  4. of course not, I’m striving for more pictures and more life 🙂

    Borut Peterlin

    7 July, 2010 at 16:48

  5. ok then… If you backed down what hope would be left for the rest of us 🙂 heh

    take care


    7 July, 2010 at 16:59

  6. say what you will but that looks like a giant wooden cock…wouldn’t be a bad way to leave your career on would it not.


    7 July, 2010 at 21:20

  7. @ JC, your ability to hit the nail on the head when nobody understand the artist is once again reveal itself in the majestic way. I couldn’t agree more.
    Your faithful disciple,

    Borut Peterlin

    8 July, 2010 at 10:07

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