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Fotopub Festival starts tomorrow, Monday 26th of Jully 2010

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Tomorrow is an opening of Fotopub 2010, Festival of documentary photography. Here is a program of the festival.

Monday, 26.7.2010
19.00 – Opening of Fotopub Festival
Gallery Simulaker, Vrhovčeva ul. 1a, Novo mesto
21.00 – talk by Espen Rasmussen
Atrij LokalPatriot

Tuesday, 27.7.2010
20.30 – talk by Rombout Oomen
21.30 – talk by Jocelyn Bain Hogg
Atrij LokalPatriot

Wednesday, 28.7.2010
20.30 – talk by Stefan Verwer
21.30 – talk by Arne Hodalič
Atrij LokalPatriot

Thursday, 29.7.2010
16.00 – Tribunal
Galerija Simulaker
20.30 – Multivision projection
Muzejski vrtovi

Friday, 30.7.2010
20.30 – talk by Bruno de Cock
21.30 – talk by Philip Blenkinsop
Atrij LokalPatriot

Sathurday, 31.7.2010
20.30 – Final projection of Fotopub workshop
Atrij LokalPatriot

HERE is a link for more information about exhibition and FOtopub.


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  1. This is my favorite festival in the world…and the food is great too! I’m looking forward to your podcasts and your garage band introductary jingle.


    26 July, 2010 at 12:11

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